Sunflower with Butterfly and a card thought of the day…

There are times when I’ve made a card sample for Classic and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! A lot of times, it doesn’t make it to my personal blog for whatever reason.
Those of you who visit Classic have most likely seen this card kicking around but I wanted to add it to my blog as it is one of my favourites.
I had made it last year and as many of you know I have a soft spot for good sunflower stamps. It’s one by Gary Robertson where it is detailed but not as fine detailed as others he’s done. So I added a few textures such as the pebbled walkway and some shading in the background trees.

The stamp is called Sunflower with Butterfly designed by Gary Roberston and is by Impression Obsession, H1771

I had coloured this image before taking the intermediate Copic certification course. I used a ton of Copic colours to colour this stamp, I don’t have the list but I can easily find out if you’re interested in which colours I used.

Now what’s interesting when you (not necessarily YOU, more like ONE, but more often I mean ME although it just may refer to you as well lol) colour something you’re right up in the image and can get lost in it. When I look at the picture of it, I realize that the shading isn’t as intense as I would have liked it. At the time, I thought it was. Whether that’s after taking the course or just looking at it from a different perspective.

Where is this going you ask?
By taking a photo of it, I’ve removed/detached myself from it and can be a little more objective and see it from a totally different perspective.
When I get stuck between a couple of looks or card layouts, I place the pieces on the card and take a picture of it with my phone. Then I rearrange the pieces in the alternate layout and take another picture. Then I look at both of the photos. More often than not, I find that one comes together better than the other. But for whatever reasons/hangups I couldn’t see it when it’s right in front of me. So the next time you’re stuck and not sure what to do, you may want to give it a go!

There’s the odd time, where even photographs don’t help and that’s when I walk away and go back to the pictures a day or two later. 🙂

If you have other ways of changing perspective to look at your work objectively, I would LOVE to hear about them!

Thanks for hanging out, reading my card thought of the day!


Drunken Stampers Challenge #68 ~ Vegas Wedding!

Well when we think of these great Drunken Stamper challenge ideas, it tends to sound much better on paper than actually putting nose to the grindstone to do it! hehe

In all honesty though I didn’t have time this week to figure out how to capture a Vegas Wedding on a card! That’s because well…I’m putting my money where my mouth is and getting hitched in Las Vegas this weekend!
Fellow Drunken Stamper Peggy is standing by my side making sure I go through with this! hehe (with all the fun in hand…the Las Vegas stamp store IS on our list!!)

I do have a picture for you which does embody the Vegas Wedding Challenge!

This amazing creation was done my dear friend Shannon who I met through Classic Scrapbooking! She is a scrap booker, card maker and now cake maker! She said that this was her first time using fondant!! The top layer was chocolate (for me) and the bottom layer was vanilla (for Jeff). And it was absolutely delish!!

Here’s a close up of the topper!

She is such a dear and we are sooo lucky! 🙂 Thanks so much Shannon!!

Please visit the Drunken Stampers challenge blog to see what the gals have done with this challenge!!

I hope you all have an amazing long (for our friends in Canada) weekend!
I think next week we’re going to our regularly scheduled program??

Thanks so much for dropping by!!

Lots of love,