About Me

I’m Spike (the story of that nick will I’m sure surface in future!). I have a multitude of hobbies that I pick up, put down and pick up again! These include cross-stitching, knitting, baking, cooking, preserving, gardening and paper crafting.

I’m married to my husband Jeffrey. As we don’t have children we lavish our attentions on Billy a 5 year old long haired orange tabby cat with one eye (that story will also told one day!).
This crazy family lives in Chilliwack, BC where we’ve lived for the last 9 years or so.

Start of Papercrafting
Ever since I was a kid, I couldn’t wait until the “back to school” displays were out! (Yes, I’m nuts!) I just loved shopping for new markers, crayons, pencil crayons, etc. Anything and everything with vivid colour! When I got older and the novelty wasn’t as great, (this happens when you take my crayons away!) I looked for something different. I found I enjoyed stamping, embossing and other paper crafts! Unfortunately or fortunately, university took a lot of time doing many other fun things that young 20 somethings loved to do! 😉

Many, many years later I found my joy for paper crafting again and used sample wall paper swatches on my cards. I then discovered 5 or so years ago, Close to My Heart through card classes and even signed up when the kit was a really, really good deal. When I first started, most of my materials were CTMH, I have expanded my crafting repertoire since!

This blog was started when my BFF, Peggy who inspires me and is just as a crazy paper crafts addict as I am, moved 4 hours away! We would talk on the phone and describe our newest project but it was tough! (You should try it at least once! lol) Blogging was the best way we could share our work with each other and others. See look Peg! I’m bloggin’!

I found that when I first started blogging I gravitated towards elegant cards with multiple layers and LOVED it!

But boy, it’s amazing what you can find on the internet! Peggy got me onto colouring images but still, I would stick to my elegant and classic style.
I had always wanted to delve into the realm of vintage, shabby chic, steampunk, grunge and a little into altered art but that could wait. Until…I met Lisa (now a great friend of mine!) who is totally into those genres. She was Ranger certified and had an arsenal of techniques over her many years of crafting. I wasn’t quite ready but how could I not miss the opportunity to pick up some really cool techniques and learn new styles. That’s when I also realized that I’m a technique junkie!

So here I sit; still loving classic and elegant cards;

now packed with knowing some vintage, shabby chic, steampunk;

appreciate and can do justice to clean and simple;

still have the urge to colour a cutesy or sassy image now and then…

and perhaps more?

Then there’s art journaling…

and some mixed media…

Suffice to say now…my style is somewhat eclectic and depending on my mood that’s what I’ll work on.

Don’t be surprised if you see an elegant and classic card one day, a shabby chic the next and a Tim Holtzy style after that! It’s my take on those styles and genres but one thing is for sure is that it’s 100% Spike.

If you dare and think you can handle it, I encourage you to subscribe to the blog 😀 that way you won’t miss a post! (right column at the top)

I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me at spikescreativeside (at) gmail (dot) com
Other places to find me would be:

and at my outdated Splitcoaststampers Gallery.

Thanks for visiting and you’re always welcome to return! Happy crafting!



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Blossom Bow.
    I clicked on the link for blossom bow and it had been removed. Do you have a copy of the tutorial or have you made one? If so, could you send it to me or tell me a different site I could look at for directions. I really liked your cards with them. So pretty and fanciful. Thanks, Con.

  2. Hi Spike:
    I am loving it here in Arizona and so happy to see you are back on your blog! I alway like to here what you are up to and see your wonderful creations. Please give my love to all the gals at Classic!

  3. Hi Aileen.I saw that you offered the contact info for Deanna Pannell and Haroldine Wingfield! I have been looking for a year!!! I make xmas ornaments as a business and would LOVE to be able to get their glitter from them wholesale or bulk style.I would so appreciate your help.Many THanks!Wynn

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