Discoveries ~ Catching up Wednesday

Whelp! I was sitting around my room (a few weeks back) when I looked over at a package of kraft glassine. I hadn’t played with it in a while and just thought it would be fun to scrunch it up and stick it on a tag. I didn’t do anything else with it, although I could have done a multitude of things (alcohol ink, paint, etc.) but I liked it just the way it was.

Spike-Project2 Sept

Everything else I added was just looking around seeing what I felt like “playing” with, yep it was one of those days. I just love the bell jar stamp from Dyan’s Monster Mash stamp set and wanted to crack open some acetate.
I think I had the little fish already coloured, just kicking around in my extras box.

Spike-Project2b Sept

This tag totally appeals to my science geekiness and fits in with the Halloween “season”. I put together this tag for the wonderful folks over at the Inspiration Emporium.

It’s a different kinda feel…but cool!



Looking for great supplies? Check out the Inspiration Emporium! Use the code “spikealicious” for 10% off

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