Masquerade ~ A Page from Spike’s Art Journal


Here’s a page spread using a page that I had inked up previously. Now it may not look like it but this layout took a little while in that I really wasn’t sure what direction I wanted it to go. Usually I’ll get a feel somewhere down the line and then run with the theme. It makes completing the entire picture somewhat easier. With this one, I didn’t have a clue until the very end.


I was SUPER excited when I found my fabulous can of black spray paint! Well, I had sprayed the page on the right first. Then did the left side a day later. I’m not too impressed 😦 The peacock feathers weren’t supposed to turn out the way they did. The spray can either lost all of it’s propellant or the nozzle got all gummed up. I did attempt to clean out the nozzle in the various ways that I could and still it didn’t help. I may be running out to the art store soon to get another can! I never thought I’d like using it so much!

The lanterns may look a little out of place but I had used this Graphic 45 paper on a project and this was from left over scraps.


The very first thing I did when I started this layout was grab Julie-Fan Fei Balzer’s Peacock stencil and spray black spray paint through it. From there everything else evolved. From the embossing paste rain drops to the silver stickled buttons and earrings. This page is so much more blingy in person. I’ve got silver stickles dots every where on this page and it just catches the light just so. This works well with the silver glitter lettering.

Thanks for dropping in today!


As always you can pick up these fabulous supplies from Inspiration Emporium and of course get 10% off when you use “Spikealicious” in the coupon code box 🙂

5 thoughts on “Masquerade ~ A Page from Spike’s Art Journal

  1. Love this page. I like what you did with the Peacock feathers, and the colors are so dramatic. You are getting fantastic with your Art Journaling. Keep up the neat work

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