Easy Peasy Christmas Cards 58 ~ Believe

If this is the first time you’re just joining us…WELCOME to my Friday weekly installment on quick and easy to make Christmas cards. By making a few here and there will avoid the rush later πŸ˜€
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Easy Christmas Cards 58b_Spike

I know I’ve said this before a few times. Use the crafty goodness you already have! But honestly…I’m not nagging! It’s just a big reminder to myself! I often grab the closest thing to me (er um, crafty stuff!) which is most often the newest shiny crafty goody kicking around. Now it’s not that the older stuff is bad and not necessarily out of date (no really…paper crimpers are coming back in style! LOL I often forget that they’re there (not paper crimpers, just stuff in general…although I do have a couple! πŸ˜‰ )
You know how the saying goes…Out of Sight, Out of Mind. (I should figure out if there’s a way of rotating crafty goodies!)
I don’t know what prompted me to look through that box…but I found this set of Cornish Heritage Farms Stamps, Joyeux Noel. Now here is the part where you may want my head…it is an older set where the new reincarnation of Cornish Heritage Farms is not carrying the set. 😦 You may be able to find it on eBay? Or find another set that would do the job nicely! (Tim Holtz’s Grunge Snowflake set would work great!) But no…really…your old stuff IS cool! Or maybe retro! LOL

Easy Christmas Cards 58_Spike

Card measures 5 1/2 x 4 1/4
-stick on washi tape
-stamp snowflakes
-stamp sentiment with embossing ink
-sprinkle gold tinsel embossing powder (it makes everything ultra decadent!), then heat set
-if you so desire, add some rhinestones or metallic pearls

Now just imagine the same card but in red. Red washi tape with perhaps a poinsettia stamp?

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Thanks for dropping in today πŸ™‚ Enjoy the weekend!



2 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Christmas Cards 58 ~ Believe

  1. I used to rotate the kids’ toys…every now & then I do the same with mine. Stuff a box full & put it in the basement….and then check out all the cool bits when I remember it months/years later. I totally love these snowflakes – and hey, the best inspiration is one like this, that encourages me to use the stuff I already have πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Spike,

    I to have the problem of putting stuff away in drawers and then forgetting about them. I was most pleased to see this card, lo and behold I have this Cornish Heritage Farms set, and I have not used that sentiment. Like the Washi tape also, will have to find me some.

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