A Page from Spike’s Art Journal with Inspiration Emporium

Yuuup…it’s Wednesday! Not only is it the middle of the week but it’s Guest Post Day at the Inspiration Emporium’s Blog…The Inspiration Journal and it’s my turn this week!! YaY!


But first…if you dropped by this past Monday which is my usual “A Page from Spike’s Art Journal” Day and wondered why there wasn’t a new post to greet you…well…um, what if I said…I hung out in the city with crafty friends (Sparkle from Seattle, Peggy from Blind Bay and Thanh who resides in Burnaby) and we had a fabulous time shoppin’, craftin’, drinkin’ and laughing…would that be a good enough excuse??! Hahahaha…yep, I wouldn’t take it either! LOL Now what if I said…that it wasn’t up because I was doing something special for Inspiration Emporium where you can see The Journey of a Journal Page from start to finish with a few “how to’s” tossed in?
Ah, ha…just as I thought! LOL (If I had the choice…I would LOVE to see the transformation of a page!)

Head over to the Inspirational Journal to see how I put this page together:

I just love this quote by Coco Chanel and couldn’t wait to incorporate it into this page.


Thanks for visiting with me today! Hope you find some time to get inky!



One thought on “A Page from Spike’s Art Journal with Inspiration Emporium

  1. Hi Spike,

    I will accept your explanation, hope you had a fun time with Sparkle and the gang. You gals usually do have a great time when you kick up your heels. Loveee the dress, and the colors. Also like the saying of Coco Chanel.

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