Glass of Champagne ~ A Page from Spike’s Art Journal


I think I’ve been going through “phases” so to speak. I guess I’m finally getting some pages finished that have sat around for a little while. YaY! Just like my tag yesterday, there are pages that I just LOVE but am afraid of ruining them so I just keep them as is…until I figure out what do with them. I guess I’m finally getting the inspiration to take them further.
This is one of only a few layouts with a torn page. I do like that look, it adds a little more texture.


This photo was one that caught my eye, beautiful dress. I couldn’t resist tracing out the lace. I sponged the dots using gesso. The quote was just perfect since this image reminds me of Bette Davis in her heyday 🙂
“There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.”

Thanks for dropping in today! Have a great day!


A great place to pick up supplies is Inspiration Emporium where you can get 10% off when you use “spikealicious” at check out. 🙂
Supplies used:

7 thoughts on “Glass of Champagne ~ A Page from Spike’s Art Journal

  1. I can’t talk. My jaw is in my lap….again! Spike! That last journal page was incredible, but this one? ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! You are such an amazingly talented artist!!!

  2. STUNNING !!
    I just love your ladies you have in your journal and how you totally make then yours !
    So very impressed with you and your art, LOVE IT !!!!

  3. Hi Spike,

    I second Sue’s comment, what patience you have. Love the gal, she reminds me of the roaring Thirties, not that I was around then, but from pictures of the time. Well done as usual, keep up the stunning works of art.

  4. I am fairly certain that I have reached THAT time 😉 Tracing the detail on that dress – oh, how worth the time & effort. It’s incredible!

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