Drunken Stampers 129 – The Hangover


Honestly, I had no clue! What a fluke that we scheduled this challenge, where the move is The Hangover or Las Vegas is the theme, the week that it’s sequel The Hangover III (also in Vegas) is hitting the theaters. Too funny! Of course don’t forget the Drunken Stampers Challenges this term is to use the movie (The Hangover) as inspiration or the theme (Las Vegas) or both!

The first movie is such a crazy movie where there’s lots of crazy inspiration to draw from. I originally wanted to use a tiger or even a blue/silver car in the desert. Hahahahaha!! But as I sat at my crafty desk, I looked around and came across this black corrugated card stock (by Creative Imaginations) and these playing cards. The playing cards came from a 12×12 sheet of card stock that was filled with sentiments, borders and these cards which were also a border. I don’t remember who made them, they look graphic 45 esque but I don’t think they are.


After I cut up the card border into individual playing cards I sorted them out and just instinctively paired them together. What a fluke! WAHOOO!! Looks like we’re playing Black Jack! Even the uncertainty in the last hand made the theme come together. (Now I do realize that dice isn’t used in Black Jack but I needed gambling themed border and it just seemed to work nicely with the black).


Another thing that’s perfect is that my brother, just got a new job and he’s a Black Jack enthusiast plus Las Vegas is one his fave places! He used to go several times a year. This card most definitely has a home. I guess it was luck!

Please visit my crafty colleagues who rolled the dice this week over at the Drunken Stamper’s Challenge blog then grab some playing cards or dice or tigers or babies or weddings (yeah, it was crazy movie) and come play with us!

Thanks for dropping in today and enjoy your weekend! Especially to my US friends with a long weekend!!


3 thoughts on “Drunken Stampers 129 – The Hangover

  1. Oh, you couldn’t have a better recipient in mind! I love it! And I have a terrible memory for movies…but if the car part is where buddy is in the trunk….LOL! That too would make a good card!

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