Before Dylusions ~ A page from Spike’s Journal

I must admit, I haven’t gotten inky this past week. I have been taking a couple of photography classes (one is a portraiture class by Candice Stringham, I’m absolutely loving it and highly recommend her photography classes!). Although I am falling behind on an assignment plus a few other paper crafting things, I need to get my nose to the grindstone this week! EEEK!

This is a page that I haven’t blogged about! Although, if you’ve been to my Facebook page, this won’t be new to you but here’s a little more insight about it 😉

This is from my 9×12 Strathmore Mixed Media journal. I found it at Michaels and picked it up using their infamous 40% off coupon. 🙂


What I absolute LOVE about this journal is that the pages are 140lb with a vellum finish. What does that mean? Well the pages are super heavy and I can spray heavily without worrying that it will soak through. Vellum finish, well that means the pages aren’t bumpy like a cold press water colour paper, they’re nice and smooth. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Dylusions art journal too but from time to time, I like to work in another type of journal. Different feel? Different perspective? I honestly don’t know but it somehow gets my creativity going. I have two of these Strathmore journals on the go as I’ll spray a page in one and use the other to blot it to use for another day. The only downside is that there’s only 22 pages in it.


As the title states, “Before Dylusions”. This is true! I do LOVE all Dylusions products but there was a before time. I made up this page without Dylusions Spray Inks, I didn’t have any at this point. So I used a few colours of Adirondack Color Wash (which are more concentrated and don’t behave the same way with water as Dylusions) along with a couple of colours EcoGreen Acrylic Paint and Perfect Pearls or Smooch Ink (I don’t remember what I had used but if you look closely at the page, it’s the pearlescent areas that jump out). The border is one of Dyan’s.


I don’t remember what magazine the image is from (I pull images from magazines that catch my eye and I toss it into a pizza box) but it had a beautiful feature with this model in a few cool artistic scenes. I just doodled with white Gel Pen over top after I had sealed it with Matte Multi-Medium.
I did learn something…don’t put matte multi-medium over top white gel pen as it will smear even when dry. The flower pattern on the model’s jacket was on the original photo, I just accented it.

Behind the model, I had used one of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s stencils with gesso, Peacock Feathers TCW268. The butterfly stamp and stencil are also by Julie.

I completed the page this past October but I just LOVE it so much (hence my avatars on FB and google/youtube!) that I’m contemplating on getting it framed.

As always, thanks so much for dropping in and have a wonderful week!



4 thoughts on “Before Dylusions ~ A page from Spike’s Journal

  1. Spike, this is one of my favorite pieces of your art, yes you have to have it framed !
    It is very Special, love it !

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