Tutorial ~ How to personalize your heat tool using Alcohol Inks


A while back someone had asked if I could do a tutorial on how I coloured my heat tool. It’s been a looong time coming but here it is! I had recently picked up a gorillapod which is a wonderful anywhere and amazing tripod which now makes my filming just a little bit easier. I do have several devices that do film video and I’ll be figuring out which will be the best for this application.

It’s my third video and I’m so, so about it but I know that the more that I do, the better they become 🙂

Have a looksie then after you’ve coloured your heat tool…leave a link to a pic of your new heat tool in the comments, I’d love to see it!

Thanks for coming by today!


PS. If you want to find this tutorial again, you click on the Tutorials Tab at the top or go to the Spike’s Tutorials Blog where all my tutorials can be found in one place. (If you’re subscribed to both blogs, you’ll see this tutorial publish on the tutorial blog the following day.)

Supplies Used:


6 thoughts on “Tutorial ~ How to personalize your heat tool using Alcohol Inks

  1. Cool! I thought you did a great job, kept the conversation going well and stayed in camera range! Great job and I love personalizing tools this way, so thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for this tutorial Spike, my heat tool is still white so now I know how to turn it into a working
    piece of art. Way cool !!

  3. Thanks, Spike!! Entertaining and informative as always!! Now, where are my inks………. 🙂
    Carole from Chicago

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