Art Journaling ~ Make it worth their while…

Yipeeee! My first page done! I should correct myself, my first page done in this art journal. I’ve got quite a few pages that are in many stages but this is the first one. (In case you’re wondering, no this isn’t the Dyan Reaveley Art Journal that she broke in for me) I also have a few art journals too with many pages in different stages of completion! LOL I tell ya…it depends on my mood which one I’ll dabble in next! 😉

I loved how the colours came together quickly on this page. What’s funny is that these are colours that I don’t normally gravitate to but I just LOVE how it all turned out!
I find that I like to do bits and pieces here and there when I journal. I also find myself working on 1 to 3 or 4 or 5 pages at a time. (it’s like I have art journaling A.D.D. or something…SQUIRREL! lol)

I, of course, couldn’t resist using Dyan’s Doodle parts stamp set…I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those leaves, I can’t get enough of them. The leaves down the right side were coloured in using Perfect Pearls.

I lucked out when I was searching for a magazine image, this one in particular was wearing ALL WHITE!! WAHOOOOooooo! That’s just an art journaler’s dream…a blank canvas! For the body of the blazer, I just doodled and for the arms and lapel I used a stencil for the pattern (The Crafter’s Workshop TCW363 Diamonds).


Here’s what it looks like without the page (which is currently unfinished) on the left side. (I do admit…I really am liking the look of torn pages!)

I just love this quote by Harry Winston!! I do need to work on my lettering though, either that or grab Tim’s or Dyan’s alpha sets or both! 😉 One of my frustrations with journaling is the good ‘ole white gel pen. Here I’ve used the Signo and for the most part it has been pretty good (ie. the leaves, outline around the gal) but the moment I needed to outline my lettering, it does what all gel pens do and sputter inconsistently. I keep a few white Signo gel pens and try them all to see which one is behaving that day. I’ve tried Sakura, Inkessentials, Signo…now I do have the Sharpie paint pen and I need a little bit more experience using it before I give my opinion on it.

Thanks for taking a little tour of my first page (in this book) LOL

Have a great day!!


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