Let’s get Social! Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, oh my…

My times have changed! Pin this, Tweet that, share, share, share and in so many more ways too! Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and even some of the phones that aren’t so smart can share too! Through urls, QR codes, RFID, Bluetooh, Wifi and so much more!! ACK!!!

Social media, it’s like it’s own language to share and connect and there’s so many ways to do it. As many of you know I am here on WordPress with my online diary/blog of my paper crafting exploits and I also am on a few other social sites. I do have a couple of other blogs with different topics too such as canning, DIY (Do it yourself) manicures too in addition to the paper craft tutorial one.

For those of you who know or don’t know, there are pros and cons to hosting a blog on the free version of WordPress.  One, we don’t have access to such cool widgets that do cool things.
One of which is…pin to Pinterest. To “Pin” (and you are more than welcome to pin my posts, I know it’s tough finding things again and Pinterest is great for that) all you need to do is:
-click on the blog post title
-scroll down to the very bottom of the post and you’ll see, “Share this:” with a line up of icons for sharing! Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, email and print (you can even click the LIKE button if you enjoyed the post)

-all you need to do is click on the icon that you’d like to share with, in our case Pinterest
-from there, another window opens up and you can select which photo you’d like to represent your pin
-hover over the photo you’d like, then click pin and you’re done!

Other social media hangout places. (Just to let you know, on my side bar and under the “About Me” I will have all these connections, in case you’d like to follow later)

You can find me in some places more than others, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are my usual hangouts. I’m rarely over at tumblr but I think I have everything feeding over there. I don’t use google+ but I did activate it! lol I do have video accounts with both YouTube and Vimeo (I’d like to do more video tutorials but am not sure which I’ll go with). Feel free to add me, I want to connect a bit more via social networks in the coming year, have more how to’s, tutorials to share many techniques that I’ve taught locally and share ideas with you all!

Where to find me: (just click on the icons and it will take you there)


Follow Me on Pinterest


Clicking on the image will take you to the web version of Instagram.

On your mobile device in Instagram just search for: Spikescreativeside

My Facebook Page

OR here’s my Facebook Profile

(on my page you get my updates, on my profile you’ll see that and everything else)




Blog reading through google or google reader

Blog reading via rss feed



Subscribe to me on YouTube


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Thanks for dropping in today, looking forward to connecting with you all! 🙂



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