the possibilities are endless! (and a little insight into Spike’s creative process)

Well howdy! Yesterday, I found myself again gravitating to Dyan’s “say it how it is” set. I know, I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. But they’re so wonderful, I just couldn’t resist!

I know I could have easily sprayed a background but I was drawn to this one. I think it was a blotter when it started and I just went from there. I haven’t played around with Tim’s new Distress Paints a lot so whenever I think it would fit in well with what I’m doing, I take advantage of the opportunity. I just finger painted Vintage photo paint around to create a frame, dried it then stamped over top with jet black archival ink, used white gel pen, added black soot paint around the edge and then…I stared at it.

I stared at it for some time… Alright, okay…get a grip Spike! (I do talk to myself when I craft lol) I figured, okay…stamp the sentiment! I stamped it on a previously sprayed tag and cut it out. I placed it on the card stock and stared at it once more. (remember this from a tip the other day? take a photo of it to get a different perspective)


I stared at the card, I stared at the photo….and stared some more. *blink, blink* I was blank! I leafed through previously coloured, stamped images. Nope…don’t like ’em (for this). Looked through my stamps that I thought would work…Dyan’s…Tim’s…nope, nothing clicked for me! GAAAAAHHHHHH! *deep breath* So I sat and stared some more. Okay sure…I could have gone and done something else but it wouldn’t let me go! ACK!

I looked up, sat up and reclined back in my chair then rocked back and forth in it. (I sit cross legged in my chair and like to rock in it…yeah I know, I’m weird!) I gazed over at the Clip it Up beside my desk…then it hit me like that meteor in Russia! (without injuring myself) I grabbed the stamp and took another deep breath……I gotta colour with Copics!


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE colouring with Copics. I take my time with them because I’m somewhat finicky. When I look at an image stamped in black on a white piece of paper, I try to picture it in 3D. Even before I took Copic 2 certification, I thought back to my optics physics class…trying to figure out where light is going to land. Fabrics are quite the challenge! (Especially looking at a white piece of paper!) I tried my best with her cape but I’m happier with one side more than the other but even with that…um, it’s okay. Everything else on there I’m pretty happy with. I just need to look at the card as a whole 🙂 And I’m quite happy with it!


And you know something? The possibilities ARE endless!

Thanks for visiting today! Enjoy your Sunday! I think I’m going to make a bunch of Christmas cards today 😉


Card Supplies:
Stamp (rubber not digital) is from Kenny K – Lady Victoria



(apologies to my subscribers via WordPress, you’re probably seeing the supplies list below in HUGE. Hang tight, the folks over at InLinkz are working on this as we speak. If you’d like to see the list in full, please click over to the blog.

5 thoughts on “the possibilities are endless! (and a little insight into Spike’s creative process)

  1. Oh Spike, I love it, it she looks so mischievous. Humm I am going to have to start using my rocking chair when I draw blanks. Don’t know if I will be able to sit cross legged though. Thanks for all the tips.

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