Day 2 of Spike’s Adventures at Winter CHA & Dyan Video

(So the same warning goes for this post…lots more photos and my musings about CHA) Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy πŸ™‚


Welcome to Day 2 of my adventures of my first CHA. In case you missed Day 1, please check it out here.

As we left off on yesterdays post…Disney tuckered us out! We ended up falling asleep earlier than the evening before. I know, i know…you’re saying those par-tay animals! Well um, uh…whoop, whoop! LOL

Check out the clear blue sky, the palm trees? Ahhhhh…. The picture above is from the little courtyard between the hotel and the convention center. I couldn’t resist sharing it!


Aside from it being a little nippy, it was a gorgeous day!

I wanted to make tracks this morning and get to the show earlier. It was my last day 😦 and there was still SOOO much to see! The gals went off to breakfast while I skipped it, including coffee! Shaela (she’s part of our Skype crafty chat group from Las Vegas) had just arrived and was meeting up with the gang. I hoped to meet up with them later!

(Note: Humblest apologies…there will be pictures that will look like there are dark and light stripes in them and may not be focused that well. I forgot to change the settings on the camera phone from when I was taking night photographs from our adventures at Disney. 😦 I am bummed too! If anyone knows how to get rid of the dark/light stripes, please let me know. )

Some of you may know that I had been mucking around with art journaling for sometime now. And for those of you who don’t…don’t be surprised as I really hadn’t been posting a lot from my journal but don’t fret, I will soon πŸ˜‰

The next four pictures are from The Crafter’s Workshop booth, I am in LOVE with their new stencils! It’s been great that they’re picking up more artists to collaborate with them. This first set is from Julie Balzer.


Stencils by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and the Crafter’s Workshop

In the picture below, the stencils in the top two rows were designed by Ronda Palazzari.Β  I’m not familiar with her work but I will definitely add her to my must reads list!

The stencils with the purple band at the top (the ones in the bottom two rows) starting with the eye chart were designed by Dina Wakley. (PS. You should check out her wonderful new book, Art Journal Freedom.) I had the chance to meet her when she was dropping off her book with Dyan but that happened later this day.


More Stencils! Stencils by Rhonda and Dina


In case you thought stencils were just for paper crafts! Here are some great ideas! Heck, use them to decorate cakes! Although, don’t use the same ones that you use for journaling! lol

Here’s more stencils by Dina (again with the purple band at the top). From this pic they look all white, well they’re silhouettes where you get the positive and negative of the stencil! I’m not sure who designed the stencils in the middle but the ones on the bottom were designed by Julie Balzer. I just love her work! πŸ˜‰


After those photos, I rounded the corner and thought to take a picture of the Ellison booth or more known as Sizzix.


The beige carpeted area was entirely Sizzix. I find it funny that the booth reminds me of a display at a hardware store and those gals at the wall should be picking out tile or something! LOL I just love how elaborate the booths are!

Walking just a little further, I found myself at the Ranger booth. DOH! It was much quieter at 10:30 am on Sunday than it was Saturday afternoon and I had a wonderful chat with Dyan. At one point I was just mesmerized watching her do her thing and told her that and not to be creeped out while she doodled away! LOL

At the last minute, while I was packing for the trip…I thought…hmmm…I should bring my brand spankin’ brand new Dylusions Art Journal to get Dyan to autograph. I noticed someone else had the same idea but Dyan was doing more than just autographing! Apparently, some folks have been…let’s say…shy…in breaking in their journal. In hearing this Dyan put out an open invitation that if you bring in your new art journal, she’ll break it in for you. Now I don’t have that problem but hey, when Dyan offers to get inky and muck up your journal…I’m there! Besides, she resides in the UK when will I ever have this opportunity? SOOOOO….in these next 4 pictures, Dyan is breaking in my art journal! πŸ™‚ *giddy tee hee*


First….she tore a page! WHAAAAT??!! WAIT! *deep breath* okay, okay…I definitely get inky in my journal pages but I have never torn one! What did I sign up for???!


Took some close up pics at home so you can see them better πŸ˜‰


Ahhhhhhhh….that’s better! lol She sprayed one of her new stencilsΒ  “Bert” with one of her new Dylusions inks, Calypso Teal *huge Cheshire cat grin*


Waste not, want not! She’s flipped the stencil over and using the left over ink for another impression.
Btw…I pointed it out yesterday but here’s another view of the Dylusions School Bus made by Jim, the Gentleman Crafter. Also, you may notice Jim in the background dressed in black.


*SQUEAL* Love the inky goodness!


YaY! Dyan signing the journal. How pretty cool is that??!


What a fabulous saying!! Yuuuup, it’s official! I’m such a GEEK! lol

Spike & Dyan

Me & Dyan (BTW, don’t you think her mustache necklace is cool or what?)!

After I made sure my journal was dry and I tucked it away, I walked a couple of steps and…


Oh…..all right Tim….I’ll catch another one of your demos…


What you’re looking at are the samples that Tim has made with the Distress Paints. I swear, Tim never has to clean any of these up!! The moment he mentions…oh sure, go ahead take them as samples. You blink and they’re ALL GONE! You’d swear it’s $1.49 day!
Sorry gals, I didn’t swoop in fast enough! 😦


This is SOOOO droolable! The answer is YES, they will come out in ALL the Distress colours! They only have so many machines that they can’t make all the colours at once. πŸ˜‰ SOON grasshopper… Besides I’m sure your wallet will appreciate it too!

Before I took the above photograph, I realized THEN that my camera phone settings were off from the night before! *faceplam* Pictures after this will look somewhat better!Β  Okay, okay, okay…step AWAY from the Ranger booth! I had a few more booths that I HAD to see! I had even made sure I knew the location of this next booth before I arrived! YaY Graphic 45.


That’s RIGHT discerning crafters!! GRAPHIC 45 and this is their French Country Collection


How EXCITING is this??! From yesterdays post we saw Authentique add an 8×8 paper pad to their line, now we see that Graphic 45 is now adding a 6×6 paper pad!! This is the new French Country Collection in the 6×6!! HUURAAHHHHHH! This is so YaY!
(Apologies for the blurry photo!)


French Country Display
Yup, I’m a sucker for Graphic 45! Love, love, love!!


Their displays were simply beautiful!


A lot of time and effort goes into such beautiful work!


Secret Garden Paper Collection
I was going to crop this photo but noticed the large ornate key on the door of the display so I kept it in πŸ™‚


Secret Garden Display

These next 5 pictures are from the Justrite Papercrafts booth. Call me crazy but I’ve loved Justrite since their “stamper” days. Their designs are simply beautiful. Now I don’t remember the wonderful fella I was chatting with at the booth but he was a delight! He reassured me that the specialized “stampers” were now gone and that the company has found it’s groove. (no pun intended!) I now realize that large pictures of the displays don’t do these any justice! I thought I had done some close ups but I couldn’t find the pictures. 😦 The cards are BEAUTIFUL! Very intricate as well as the contact sheets on the stamps are quite detailed and it’s difficult to see them.

I had been looking for one of Becca Feeken’s cards but unfortunately her samples didn’t make it in time for the show. I had been hoping to take a picture with one of her amazing cards! They did have one of her background stamps tho!



It was still great to see some Christmas cards, I tell you though…these were certainly not easy peasy! lol


What makes their stamps even more fabulous is that they coordinate with Spellbinders dies and Justrite has their own dies specially made for them by Spellbinders.


Gorgeous ornate borders!


Looks like banners are still in!

After I had cleaned up the drool, I looked up and caught sight of this booth by Viva Decor US. For those of you who aren’t sure who they are, they’re the folks responsible for Inka Gold and Pearl Pens just to name a few.

Off in the FAR corner at the back is this fairyland like booth by Viva Decor

Off in the FAR corner at the back is this fairyland like booth by Viva Decor

I had a few questions to ask the ladies there regarding their products , which is another great reason to go to the show, but I had stopped in mid sentence when I laid my eyes on this…OH HELLO!Β  What pray tell is this jar of sparkly purple loveliness??? (I think my voice had gone up an octave at this point!) It’s 3D stamping paint. It was intended to be painted on a stamp then stamped. But someone got the bright idea to paint with it!


Beautiful purple 3D Viva Decor Stamping Paint


As I was chatting away with the lovely ladies at Viva Decor, I was offered to do a make n take but I declined as I wanted to chat a little more about their product. All the while one of them put together this cute butterfly ring for me. The purple painted on the flower as well as the predominant green on the butterfly are both 3D stamping paint. It really doesn’t seemed raised for me to consider it 3D but I guess compared to regular stamping ink it would be.
I just want a jar of this stuff!! What am I going to do with it? Put it on EVERYTHING!

While I was hanging out being lulled by purple blingyness, I had gotten a text from the gals wondering where I was. They were hanging out at the Graphic 45 booth! LOL I LOVE this pic of them!!


Thanh, Peggy, Sparkle, Shaela, Suzanne

Next to the Viva Decor booth was Kaisercraft! Now a little tidbit! Before I had left, I had arranged with a few friends back in Canada that as I was taking pictures, I’d post it to them via the Whatsapp app which works on quite a few platforms including the apple iOS, Android and Blackberry. Since wifi at the Anaheim convention center was free, off I went! It was so much fun to share! I would also receive messages from them too in real time, provided that the wifi was working. (A lot of the time it was SLOW because quite a few folks had their wifi devices too!) So Donna in Ontario (current DT of Drunken Stampers) mentioned that she liked Kaisercraft, hence these pics! πŸ˜‰ No, there were no aussie gents working the booth, least none that I saw!


Base Coat Collection, I don’t know what I’d do with this collection but it simply rocks!


Projects with the Base Coat Collection


75 Cents Collection, anyone with an interest in Shabby Chic and Vintage would just LOVE this collection!


Projects using the 75 Cents collection. Don’t you just adore these little trinket keepers??!


I didn’t note the name of this collection 😦


The wonderful and fun boxes, etc. that are made with the mysterious collection from the above photo!


Yup, this is another collection that I don’t know the name of either! lol


Needle & Thread Collection


What can I say? They are releasing quite a few collections! No idea what this one is either! lol


Now if I were to guess the name of this collection, I would think it would have something to do with uh…school? You guessed it, I haven’t a clue about this collection too! lol


Botanical Odyssey Collection


Remember Me Collection


Projects using Remember Me Collection, the wooden family tree is pretty fantastic!


Flora Delight Collection


In the Attic Collection


Bundle of Joy Collection

At this point, I received a message where the gals were, which was on the far side so I high tailed it. On the way I passed by The Crafter’s Workshop booth and spotted Julie doing a make n take!


The wonderfully awesome art journaler Julie Balzer!

When I arrived, it was too funny because we all just kept missing each other at different booths. So, I just kept walking around the area they were in and knew that we’d eventually meet up. I gave Shaela a huge hug, we had only spoken via Skype and hadn’t met in person before!


Me and Shaela, I don’t remember at what booth this picture was taken!
Picture courtesy of Sparkle

We wandered around a little and it looked like a fashion show had ended. We all look over and whoa…HEY, is that VANNA WHITE? It sure was! A few big wigs (that we had no idea what they were big wigs of!) were getting their photos taken with Vanna, Sparkle and friends lined up behind them and when it was her turn about a minute later, she asked Vanna if it was all right. Sure enough for Vanna, it was!

WELL…I guess their PR peeps didn’t know what was happening and were wondering who these gals were with Vanna? Ha, ha!! I had my fancy schmancy camera with me and was getting ready to take a picture when the official photographer saw me, looked over and said…you got this? I replied…YUP! *click* It was too funny! OH! I think the best part was that last year, the girls mentioned the line to get a picture with Vanna was ridiculously long that they didn’t even bother.


Suzanne, Sparkle, VANNA, Shaela

After the picture, we had gotten word from Thanh and Peggy that we were going to meet for lunch. I have no idea what we would have done without our phones! We could have the freedom to move around while at the same time checking in with everyone. We had lunch at one of the concession stands at the convention center. 😦 If you ever plan to go to CHA in Anaheim, don’t eat at the convention center! Overpriced and well, not all that appetizing. Cross the court yard over to the Hilton hotel and check out the food court πŸ™‚

All the while, I had been exchanging messages with Linda Ledbetter. (Actually, every time I ran into Mario I’d ask if he’d seen Linda and if he knew where she was. At one point, he looked over at me and asked…so have you found her yet??! lol) You see, I found out just before I left home that Linda was going to be at the show and she said…we HAVE to meet! lol

We had been messaging back and forth hoping to run into each other. (If you’re not sure who Linda is, she was one of the original Drunken Stampers Design team members!)

Just as I was finishing lunch, I receive the message, “I’m over at the Spellbinders booth 2500 section doing a make n take. Are you close by?” I look up to find the section banner and replied back, “No, I’m in the 900’s section but don’t MOVE! Be there in 5!” I gobbled the rest of my lunch and hustled my butt over to the 2500’s…yep, it was two big rooms over!

Sure enough, Linda was still there and big hugs all around! She was hanging out with friends Anita and Candy. They are SUPER friendly as can be! (Be sure to visit their blogs! Their work is AMAZING!)


Linda, Anita, Candy
Photo courtesy of Linda

Anita even gave me some Texas trash! (Love it! I had no idea what it was but I’ve never had it and am willing to give it a go. It looks nummy!)


Texas Trash (with white chocolate, powdered sugar, chex bits, pretzels…)

We wandered around a little, they asked about my caricature and so I showed them where the magic was! πŸ˜‰ With my good camera in tow, I could snap a bunch of pics while the process was happening. The artist is on the left and he’s sketching away on his tablet (he can do caricatures in 5 mins!), while he’s sketching you can see his progress on the vertical computer screen. We made sure that the gals were all had a toon of themselves. Candy’s was hilarious, she was drawn as a mermaid. We all couldn’t stop laughing, I think I had tears I was laughing so hard.


Linda getting toon-ized!

We came across the Die Cuts with a View (DCWV) booth where they had set it up to look like a Bazaar. There was even a 7ft high decorated elephant (I didn’t look close enough to see what it was made of) in the middle of it too. On the outside of the booth was this sign where we all thought it would make a great picture!


Just being myself…

We wandered around checking out vendors, in addition to all the laughs, I had learned a bit from these gals! Being mixed media artists, they have a different perspective. It’s difficult to explain or put my finger on it but they certainly saw things differently and it was cool to see! As we continued to walk around the show floor we checked out stencils, feathers, metal, different types of media…


The display in the Fab Scraps Booth

Now I don’t remember what originally drew us to the Therm o Web booth but the Glitter Dust looked interesting and I guess the sales fella saw that we were an outgoing bunch (we were loud! LOL) that he invited us to get our picture taken! Mustaches are SO in! (with regards to paper crafting πŸ˜‰ )

CHA2013_Glitz Girls

me, Candy, Anita, Linda
Photo courtesy of Linda

As we continued to saunter through, we came across the Dreamweavers Stencils booth. I knew that Lori back home really enjoys using Dreamweaver Stencils so I took a few pictures for her. I had no idea what was new so I snapped pics of all I could πŸ˜‰ It looked like they featured their stencils with different techniques, I’m not familiar with the techniques but they looked cool!


Metallic Leafing on Metallic Embossing Paste


Molten Magic Technique


I can’t see what these two are illustrating but hey, anything that looks metallic rocks in my book!


Using Crackle Embossing Paste


Double Glitter Technique on the Top Board
(I don’t know what the bottom one was illustrating)

We passed by The Crafters Workshop Booth and there was Claudine Hellmuth demo’ing techniques with her new stencils! What a sweetie!


Claudine excited about her new stencils!

After chatting with Claudine we ran into someone from the Ranger booth who was on a break and whose name I’ve forgotten! We all walked toward the Ranger booth as I think it was Candy had a shift to do something there. lol It seems in my case, all paths lead to Ranger! Around the perimeter of the booth were a few folks that I recognized (and many more much after I arrived home…it was the…OHHH! That was HER??!! Really??) from online web wanderings, especially during Mario’s 12 Tags BTS (behind the scenes) Tweet days! (I miss those days, it was a lot of fun!) Talk about funny…I was introduced to these uber talented crafters, they would say…OH! I know you from Twitter or I follow you on Twitter! Methinks, I need to be Tweeting more crafty goodness these days! πŸ˜‰ All the while I had been getting to know these crafters, that I had only seen online, both Tim and Dyan were demo’ing away.

The gals and I hung out with Dyan (while she was journaling away) all the while telling her what we did, what we saw and what she should check out. Since I was there, I thought to check out the video capability of my phone!

So to give you a little background to what she’s doing…Dyan had just sprayed her journal pages with her Dylusions ink and dried them. Now she’s spraying them with water… (apologies for the shaky videography!) This is my first video and as impromptu as it was…it wasn’t bad at all!

Dyan Reaveley Demoing at CHA 2013 from Spike on Vimeo.

I hung out chatting with everyone until the show closed for the day. The gang (now the larger group) had invited me to a pizza party that evening, I declined as I already had plans. [The crafty chat gals (my gals πŸ˜‰ ) and I had arranged a secret Santa gift exchange a few months earlier with the plan for us to exchange gifts at CHA.] So my new found friends and I all hugged, exchanged info and instead of saying good-bye it was…See you online! WOW! What a dynamic group of people!

WAHOO! Now it was off to Tortilla Jo’s, a Mexican restaurant in Downtown Disney with the Crafty Chat gals and I got to spend more time with Shaela too!

Here’s a funny picture where it was dark in our corner of the restaurant and Suzanne had trouble reading her menu. Cell phone to the rescue, once again! (I tell ya, it’s the modern day “Swiss Army” knife!)


Can’t read the menu? Here’s a light? ACK! Talk about blinding!
Photo courtesy of Shaela

After dinner, was some Disney souvenir shopping and Jess was able to meet up with us. We got our hands on some melt in your mouth beignets for desert too! YUM!

For me, my CHA adventure flew by quickly but also quicker than most as I had make it into work for Tuesday. The next challenge for me, Sunday evening, was to figure out what was worth packing to take home!

Monday morning the gals came out to see me off! Here’s a picture of the Canadian gals! If you were to look at it we don’t live THAT far apart but it will be sometime before we see each other in person! (We just happened to have our first Skype chat since the show this coming Friday tho! πŸ˜‰ )


The Canadian Delegation!

I did make it home safely Monday evening to the BC cold πŸ™‚ That evening the gals had a big get together with Greeting Farm friends. One tradition that started last year with the gals, which continued this year, was that if one of us wasn’t around for something, there would be a “flat” version of you in your absence.


Here’s Peg having a drink with flat Spike! πŸ™‚ Cheers gals!
Photo courtesy of Shaela

Looking back, there are things that I would do different next time. (I need to put them down somewhere, else I’ll forget and this is a better place than any. Plus if you can benefit from it, have at ‘er!)

-Stay for as long as you can to get as much of the show as possible, the more the better!
-Check out the innovations list, this is out a week or two before the show begins, then go see those things. I didn’t see the amazing Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers and I’ve heard this is AWESOME!!
-Make a list of Vendors you’d like to see before going then look for those vendors specifically in the program. The program is HUGE to browse through and it was easy to not only get lost in it but my attention spam was really short with all that detail. I had no idea that Webster’s Pages was there at the show and I would have most certainly checked them out had I known!
-Have contact info ready like a business card. Key word in this is “ready”. I had made some but I had left them behind!
-If you want to see specific people do make n takes or demos. Go to the booths before hand and find out when those times are and slot them in an appointment app.
-If there’s some make n takes that interest you, make a point in doing them. You may want to set some time aside in your day just to do those. (provided the make n take has not set time)
-Make sure to see everything that you need to but make time to meet up with people and even freestyle, you never know what new treasures you may find or even people to bump into!

Thanks SO much for joining me! I hope you had as much fun as I had in telling my little adventures of CHA!

With many hugs and much love,

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