Groundhog Day ~ Drunken Stamper’s Challenge #113


It is Saturday which means, yes it’s time…for a Drunken Stampers Challenge! For our challenges this term is an Either – Or – Both challenge with the focus being on movies. So you can either create a card using the movie suggested as inspiration or use the suggestion given. With our first challenge starting today on February 2nd, it’s fitting to have Groundhog Day as the movie with furry creatures being the suggestion.

One thing I really want to do this term is push myself to get more grungy and I thought movies is perfect for this! Here’s my card for the challenge…


I thought about the movie Groundhog day quite a bit. On the surface it’s a funny movie but it goes quite deep on many levels. Would you believe that Bill Murray’s character (Phil Connors) relives the same day over and over again to the equivalent of 10 years????!! I know, it shocked me too!

The die cut Weathered Clock with the one hand is on the 6 to represent the start of that same day which starts at 6 am. I thought the weathered clock was fitting because I sure would be weathered living the same day for 10 years!! lol The first indication that it’s the exact same day is the song that’s blaring over the radio which is Sonny & Cher’s, I Got You Babe. I stuck it in the clock to keep it trapped like the character, it’s funny that they chose a song with that title. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence!

I loved how the character eventually turned his predicament around and started to improve himself. One of which where he learned to play the piano which I represented it by the music tissue tape. I haven’t seen the movie in some time but either Phil sees a picket fence when he looks out the window on February 3rd or there’s a picket fence around his piano teacher’s house. Now although fences tend to keep people out, there was opportunity on the other side for Phil.

There were other things too that I could have added but I only had so much room on a A2 sized card! lol Oh! In case you’re wondering if there was any meaning for the metal corner on the top left…nope, I knew it just needed something! 😉


Thanks for reading my somewhat bizarre interpretation of a movie on a card but it was sure fun to do! Besides, you know how much fun I have when I get all inky! 😉 Now please visit the Drunken Stampers blog for a fabulous treat!! We have one of our new design teams playing this week and I know you’ll want to check out their inspiration! Please visit them and give them some love 😉

Have a great weekend and Happy Groundhog Day!!


5 thoughts on “Groundhog Day ~ Drunken Stamper’s Challenge #113

  1. Great card Spike!! I love that you incorporated so many elements from the movie!!
    Cheers to the return of Drunken Stampers!!

  2. Hi Spike,

    What a neat card, it really has a lot of deep meaning. I am impressed with all the different thoughts this card provokes.

  3. Wait, ten years? Holy crap. I very nearly went with ‘i got you babe’ and I’m so glad I didn’t, because my idea would have looked so ridiculous next to this gorgeous creation! I love the gloss & texture of the clock, and how many incredible meaningful elements you managed to include 🙂

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