No Easy Peasy Card Today

Even easy peasy has it’s limits! lol In all honesty, the card is half done but that doesn’t do you any good! I thought I had time but one thing after another came up. I know what you’re thinking. Blah, blah, blah..uh, huh sure Spike! Well currently, I’m waiting at the Vancouver airport headed to Anaheim, California. Yup..that’s right…I’m off to the great big crafty tradeshow where they show the up and coming crafty goodness for 2013! ! *squeal* Oh I’m just a titch excited! I’ll be posting next week or if I have a little time, some of the peaks I get this weekend! I’m hoping to get a rocket fuel boost to my crafty mojo and reconnect with friends! Here’s just a peek on how it started this morning…


By complete fluke…I bumped into by BFF Peggy from Eagle Bay, BC at the airport! ! She flew out of Kamloops early this morning to catch a connecting flight out of Vancouver to LA. I arrived at the airport when her flight itinerary dawned upon me. I quickly texted her and sure enough she was there but was going to leave shortly. The funny thing? She’ll be in Santa Ana with Suzanne to greet Thanh and myself when we arrive at the airport! If this is an indication of what’s to come this weekend, I’m totally there! Stay tuned for more crafty goodness! ! Thanks for dropping in today! ! Love, Spike

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2 thoughts on “No Easy Peasy Card Today

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