Not so Easy Peasy…

I apologize for not having an Easy Peasy card for you today…but wait! There’s a story…

I was so drawn to this embossing folder and background stamp set. Elegant snowflakes and I’m so there! Naturally I had to use it the first opportunity I could get. That’s where my problem began…


I was a happy camper just stamping and embossing, that’s two steps and a prime candidate for Easy Peasy. But I couldn’t stop there. I then took a brayer to add embossing ink and holographic embossing powder. Alright, okay so now that makes it 2 plus another 2 steps which still makes it well within the Easy Peasy category (of which is self defined). Throughout this process my eye kept wandering to an assembled, glittered felt tree with no home. Wanting to see what it would look like, I placed the tree on the front and I was stuck…stuck like a broken record. I couldn’t think of anything else! Just like that…the card was no longer that easy nor peasy (and what exactly does peasy mean anyways? lol)

I tried to come up with another card for today but again…broken record! I couldn’t let this card go! Do you have one of those days too??! So I just went with it! 🙂 Next, I tried to find a sentiment that would work as well as any additional embellishments but nothing was good enough. I love the flourish snowflakes, did I already mention that? They’re too pretty to cover up! When I find the perfect sentiment, I’ll add it. Although it’s stunning as it is in person.


Thanks for joining me today and listening to my card ramblings!

Have a wonderful, fun weekend!



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