Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #31 ~ Noel

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I spent a little too much time on working on a manicure (one of my guilty pleasures) instead of working on an Easy Peasy Card. There’s only so long in which I can procrastinate though! I usually have an idea what I’m going to put together but sometimes it’s best not to think at all! (I find when I’m preoccupied with something else while crafting, the creative side just goes on autopilot. Ever had that happen?)

Card Measures 5 1/2 x 4 1/4
-die cut sentiment
-emboss snowflakes
-adhere stickers
-add ribbon

I had come across this Memory Box die cut alphabet set, it’s only lower case but just think about the versatility! I’ve stowed the cut outs for another card while using the negative bit for this card. If I had stuck another piece of paper behind it, I could have used the middles of the “o” and the “e” too!

ACK! I can’t believe we’re into November now. How’s your Christmas cards coming along? Not long now!

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Thank you for visiting today and have a great weekend!



One thought on “Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #31 ~ Noel

  1. Hi Spike,

    For being on autopilot, I think you did great, its easy, clean and sends the message of the Season loud and clear. Once again you came through with flying colors LOL

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