Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #14 ~ Super Quickie Easy Peasy and question answered…

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Before I get onto this week’s Easy Peasy card, a great question had come up with regards to last week’s card post regarding the embossing diffusers, I See Stripes.

The question comes from Korkie:
I have lots of Cuttlebug embossing folders. Is the diffuser something I can use with these folders and the Cuttlebug? Would I put the oval in between the embossing folder and then run it through? Do you know the sandwich for this?

Great question Korkie! You can ABSOLUTELY! Use the the Sizzix Diffusers with Cuttlebug embossing folders in the Cuttlebug machine. I tried it out and it works well!

The sandwich for the Cuttlebug Machine from bottom to top is:
-A Plate
-B Plate (best if you use a pristine flat plate that hasn’t been cut up)
-Embossing folder with card stock inside
-Diffuser Plate, this is used instead of your top B Plate and goes on TOP of the embossing folder NOT inside. [You will wreck your embossing folder if you run it with the diffuser inside.]

Thanks for your question and keep them coming! I love hearing from you all 🙂

Now on to this week’s card or cards rather, it was so easy that I made 3. (click on the photo to see them “unfuzzy” lol)



Java Christmas

The coloured card stock is absolutely FABULOUS! It’s the new 100# card stock in 8.5 x 11″ especially made for card makers by Bazzill, called Card Shoppe. It’s wonderfully smooth, heavy weight where it totally can hold its own under the weight of embellishments and the colours are just YUMMY! It figures that they would label them with Candy names!
It’s really difficult to find right now so I wanted to savour it and just only used a 1/4 piece of it for each of these cards. I had to resist temptation to use it for the entire card. If you’d like more information about it, just Google it. 🙂

Would you believe that other than the ink used to stamp the sentiments on the Poinsettia and Snowflake card, are all the same? Can you figure it out?

It’s a clear ink that was meant for watermarking and has been also used for embossing too. Versamark gives you this wonderful tone and tone colour.
What also makes these cards work are the stamps used. The stamps also set the tone for the card as well. When you use an elegant stamp, it will give you that feel.

On the Snowflake card, I used 3 different sized stamps. Stamp the largest stamp first, then fill in the holes with the next sized stamp and so on. But be sure to stamp the sentiment first! 😉

The coloured piece of card stock measures 4 x 5 1/4″. The sentiments on the Poinsettia and Snowflake card were stamped with Jet Black Archival ink. Check out the tags if you’re interested in the stamps used.

Now that’s so Easy Peasy!! 🙂

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Keep your eyes peeled on the blog starting Sunday for about 5 days. I need to catch up on some Birthday related posts and have 5 days of Birthday goodness 🙂

Thanks for dropping in today!!



6 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #14 ~ Super Quickie Easy Peasy and question answered…

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Who would have thought something so easy could look so great? I’m working on some easy peasy cards, its not that simple to leave off all the layers and embellishments but I think the effort is worth it. Thanks Spike for the inspiration.

    • Thanks Mary Anne! I hear you! I too have to step back and ask myself if it really needs that extra bling. For me these cards are going to be general Christmas cards that will be going out to folks that may not keep the ornate card I send them. Easy Peasy Cards are a great base where you could easily grab a bottle of stickles and add quick accents to too 🙂

  2. Hi Spike,

    Thanks for all the info, have purchased the diffusers and they are on the way. Love today’s cards, so simple but quite elegant. Classic’s does not have the paper in stock so will have to find it some where else. After you have used the Versa Mark ink, did you heat set it, and could you use Black Embossing Powder on top of the ink?

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