Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #13 ~ I see stripes!

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Wow! I can’t believe it’s the July long weekend ahead of us in Canada and to celebrate here’s another Easy Peasy Christmas card in red and white!! 🙂

Now as you’re thinking, that’s it? A two step card????!! Yup! For an Easy Peasy Christmas card it doesn’t have to have a lot! What I love about this card is the clean embossing lines from the Cuttlebug Candy Cane embossing folder! Because the basis of this card is two steps you have the flexibility to bling it up a little of you’d like if you have the time or leave it as is! Even to use clear embossing powder on the sentiment kicks it up a notch or two!

[I know you’ve seen me use this stamp for the umpteenth time but when I find a stamp that I really like, I use it quite a bit. Stamps like that can be tough to find!]

So I’m sure by now you are now wondering how did I not emboss in the middle? If you had a chance to take any of my Cuttlebug or Big Shot classes (and if you haven’t I will be doing a Big Shot class in September) then you may remember how we had created a cardboard outline that we used with an embossing folder. Well…leave it to good ‘ole Tim Holtz and Sizzix to come out with Embossing Diffusers which do the same thing.

There’s 3 in a pack and made for use in the Big Shot or Vagabond.

Check out how thick these are!

For this card I used the outside of this diffuser with the oval in the middle.

To use it, replace one of your cutting pads with the diffuser in your embossing sandwich.

For this sandwich from the bottom up:
-Multipurpose platform on tab 1
-clear cutting pad or mat (in the picture it’s the clear mat labelled bottom in fading sharpie)
-embossing folder with card stock inside
-embossing diffuser (place on top of the embossing folder, not inside!)

Can you totally see the potential in this?? It makes this technique really Easy Peasy! Now to kick this card up a notch, add some pearls or glitter!

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Thanks for visiting today and have an absolutely fabulous Canadarrific weekend!



7 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #13 ~ I see stripes!

  1. That is so beautiful. I think sometimes we get caught up in wanting to make the most beautiful or most whatever and we forget that simple can be very beautiful. Absolutely love this Spike. I have been struggling with making my own creations lately and will spend more time with “easy peasy” cards. Thank you so much for inspiring me. (probably a sign of a good teacher!)

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