Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #12 ~ TREE!

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Now this is a technique that I haven’t done in a while (and some of you may have seen before) but is an easy but great technique for Easy Peasy cards! I’m using the Lace Tree embossing folder by Cuttlebug but I have seen other great tree embossing folders as well as other neat folders that would work well for this.

It also uses a different card fold that’s fun too! I thought to do a little tutorial here for you since it is pretty quick to do 🙂

First start off with a piece of card stock that is 8 1/4 x 5 1/2″. Then score it at 2 1/8″, turn it around and score it at 2 1/8 and fold on the score lines to make what is called a gate fold card. Now if you have the Scor Buddy, you’re in luck if you look at the marking at 2 1/8″, it’s specially marked as a dot.

There have been a couple of thoughts on how to do the embossing for this technique and I will show you how to do both. You can choose which one you prefer.

In this first one, you slip the embossing folder into the card as shown. You’ll be embossing both of the sides at the same time when you run it through your embossing machine.
Here’s what it looks like with the embossing folder open.

Here it is with the embossing folder closed.

The first technique is much faster but I find that it doesn’t turn out as nicely compared to when you emboss each of the flaps separately.

I find it more crisp and the image is aligned better when I do them separately.

Make sure that the edge of your card stock is in the center of the embossing folder. The symmetrical patterned tree makes it easy for you. Then run it through your embossing machine. (you’ll be running it in sideways, most embossing machines have an opening of 6″ or more and can accommodate it).

Next, line up the left side in the embossing folder again, take care that the edge is lined up in the middle of the pattern. Then run it through.

So then when you fold the sides in…tada! Now you have a gate fold embossed Christmas tree card!

For the inside, I cut up a white piece of card stock to 5 1/4 x 4 and stamped the sentiment inside!

Yipee, there goes another Easy Peasy Christmas card!! How are your cards coming along??

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Thanks for visiting today and have a grrrreat weekend!



4 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #12 ~ TREE!

  1. That’s gorgeous Spike. I’m looking for easy cards for my Christmas card class. Every Christmas I invite my neighbours over to do cards and inexchange they bring food for the food bank. A lot of these ladies have never stamped before so this will make a great card to do. Awesome.

    Ter 😉

    • Terri, thanks for leaving a comment! I’m glad it’s given you ideas! It was one of my motivators to teach a class using easy and stunning as a concept. After the classes were over (a few years now), I kept hearing the need for it and hence the Friday blog article.

      Feel free to click on the Easy Peasy tab at the top for more ideas. 🙂

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