Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #11 ~ FOILED!

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The title of this post is “Foiled” for more than the crafty obvious one! I think I was taught a few lessons this evening but whether I learn from them is another story!

I have a few Easy Peasy Christmas card ideas that are simply that…ideas. Depending on my mood, I’ll give one of those a go or go with something that’s calling to me. Tonight was a fumbly, bumbly kind of evening.
I started off with a combination idea and recently acquired patterned paper but for that task, it took a little more thought and a few more ideas. I came to this realization after I had cut up a few sheets of paper. I will point this project to you when it’s out of the idea box 🙂

So…alrighty…plan B! I pulled another idea from the idea “box”, this time using some really fun holly border glitter stickers. I gave it a go but I didn’t like the look of it, something was off so that went into the rework pile.

Okay…not to fret…plan C! I really wanted to work with a sentiment stamp and tried to work it in with some washi tape but ARG…that didn’t look/feel right either!!

No, problemo…not to panic…plan D!! This idea has been floating around for a little while I just didn’t realize that I would be pulling it out of that hat already. Again, working with the sentiment stamp that I had been using in plan B and plan C. You know something…can you believe it? It wasn’t working in plan D, I couldn’t get the pieces to work/fit right! HMPRH!

You can probably understand at this point, I’m getting just a little frustrated. Okay, Spike…BREATHE…just breathe… So time’s a tickin’ and okay so none of the somewhat newish ideas are working tonight. Let’s go for something I know I’ve done before, I’m not sure if I had done it for a class or posted it on the blog before. Here we go…plan E!! Yipee, I had just enough of this one particular ribbon to make this work. But everything else fell short, I had been punching circles out of different patterned papers and it all didn’t work together!

I’m just about pulling my hair out at this point. It’s 1:15 in the morning and my posts usually go live at 1:30 when I realized…this ain’t happening! I was SO tempted to put up a sign saying…Spike’s brain has been fried…or Spike has flown south in search of warmer weather. I had even thought…well I could think about it more and finish it later an just say that I simply forgot it click that PUBLISH button. (which actually does happen on occasion as it is!)

Nope! I wouldn’t have any of it. There was no way I was going to let this get me beat! Yes I did manage to get an Easy Peasy Christmas Card done. It is as simple as it can get. And yes it is striking. I would have liked to have a card that had something fun, whimsical, clever or something just different for this post. It wasn’t due to the lack of effort I tell ya! 😉

So here it is…TA-DA!

The card measures 4 1/4 x 5 1/2
-the red foil cardstock measures (I’ll measure it later and post it…I forgot to do this, sorry!)

You can’t get any simpler than…emboss the red foil cardstock with the Cuttlebug Ornaments folder. That is SUPER Easy Peasy! Foil is also decadent to boot! 🙂

Now that I’ve left a wake of Christmas card parts in various stages of completion. I will revisit and rework them and if they turn out, you’ll see them here. If not, I may do something equivalent to that of a card “blunders” reel or just bury it so they’ll never see the light of day again.

Anyhow, I’ll head off to happy, nappy land and not too bad, 40 minutes late to post. Eih…just happy it’s Friday tomorrow!!

Oh…what lesson(s) did I learn? 1) Don’t over think things 2) Don’t craft when really, really tired when under a deadline 3) that creative card makers “block” can strike any one at any time!

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Thanks for visiting today and have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #11 ~ FOILED!

  1. LOVE that Double entendre post heading, Spike! love the card and your persistence too. Greetings from a freezing friday night in Johannesburg- enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hi Spike,

    I love it. It is simple but says it all. I totally subscribe to your three lessons. You have earned a real rest gal, so put your feet up and rest your creative thoughts, Hugs

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