Absolutely Stickalicious! ~ Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #10

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Now there’s been the odd time where a product that normally isn’t in my repertoire inspires me. Stickers and rub-ons are such an example.
Rub-ons and I have a love/hate relationship and I won’t get into that until my therapist says its okay to talk about them! lol
Stickers are somewhat agreeable with me (although Peg teases me about them!) but I don’t often find ones that stand out.

So when I first saw these holiday sentiment stickers by Mrs.Grossman, I was all over them! I just love the classy, sophisticated, elegant script font in red foil accents! This was no ordinary sticker but for $1.99 (at Classic) for 3 was a good price for something of this caliber.

I immediately grabbed a couple and incorporated into a holiday simply stunning card class about a year and a half ago. When I passed by the rolls at Classic last week, I thought it was time to revisit these because there was a whole bunch on the shelf. In addition they’re absolutely perfect for Easy Peasy Christmas cards! I’m not sure if everyone knew their true stickalicious value when walking by these.
Perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything so I could scoop them all up for myself!! hahaha….oh but you know I wouldn’t do that to you and plus I can’t resist to share!

Here’s links to Mrs. Grossman’s site if you can’t find them at your LSS:
Merry Christmas Stickers
Happy Holidays Stickers

The card face measures 5 1/2 x 4 1/4.
-Stick the sentiment sticker on a piece of white cardstock measuring 2 1/4 x 4″
-Cut a piece of red foil cardstock to measure 2 1/2 x 4 1/4 (you can of course use green, gold, silver foil cardstock too)
Now since only a 1/4″ border is seen of the foil cardstock, what I like to do is die cut out the foil to use another day. As long as I still have a 1/4″ around the edge, it’s all good! 😉 I used Spellbinders, Labels 25.

Tip: Be careful when cutting out foil and foil cardstock on your diecut machine as the “cuts” on your plastic cutting mats will imprint onto the foil. I use a piece of card stock to protect the foil surface.
As you can see below, I still have a 1/4″ red foil border around the sentiment and the recipient of this card will never know that’s there’s a hole in the foil. (just don’t them, okay?? lol)

-Adhere pieces together
-Add bling! (optional)

Love, love, love it!! Talk about totally EASY PEASY! (In the time to do this post Thursday evening after a long day at work, I whipped off 6 of them!) If I can do it, so can you!! You’d have all your cards done in no time at all.

And not only do I have 6 cards made but I also have these 6 pieces of foil card stock to use in another project!

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Thanks for dropping in today, enjoy your weekend!


PS. Thank you everyone for your comments, I read every one and they mean a lot to me. I’m just figuring this out where if I reply via email instead of directly to the blog, you’ll get a response back from me in your email if you include it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Absolutely Stickalicious! ~ Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #10

  1. Silly question, but what did you use the spellbinders shape for? or was it just another option for the sticker?

    • I used the Spellbinders shape as a foil cardstock frugal saving measure since it can be pricey.

      The sticker panel covers the hole left by the die cut quite nicely.

      I’ll be using the cut out pieces in another card/project.



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