Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #9 ~ What’s old is new again

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I was exhausted coming home from work last night and really didn’t feel like crafting. But it really is amazing how much you can do in cracks of time! Again, easy peasy cards aren’t supposed to take you a lot of time and effort and I thought, well if I can do it…so can you! 🙂

I had been thinking of this technique and stamp(s) for quite a while. Now I strongly encourage you to use what you already have. I know that some of you have a bunch of Christmas scenic stamps and/or Thomas Kinkade stamps. And they are just gorgeous!! But for whatever reason they get forgotten in the bottom of a box. What are you waiting for? Well haul them out 🙂

I LOVE this stamp, it always gives me a warm feeling! (Now I don’t know if Cornish Heritage Farms under the new ownership are carrying Thomas Kinkade stamps but it doesn’t hurt to have a look!)
The card measures 5 1/2 x 4 1/4″
-First I stamped the image using Cobalt Ranger Archival Ink.
-I added a little colour by just using a regular yellow marker to add some colour to the moon and street lamp. I could have added more if I had liked. This step of colour would be optional because it looks absolutely stunning without.
-Cover the image with Be Creative Tape, I have a roll that’s about 5″ wide so it works nicely.
-Pour Glitter Ritz, cool highlight microfine glitter overtop and then burnish (rub in the glitter with your fingers).
-Add peel off’s sentiment then adhere to card

Easy Peasy! The card is absolutely stunning in person. It really is difficult to capture the iridescence of the glitter in a photo.

I just happened to take pictures along the way, if you’d like to see the glittering process please check out the tutorial here.

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Thanks for visiting today and have a great weekend!



5 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Christmas Cards #9 ~ What’s old is new again

  1. Hey Spike,
    Beautiful! I have a similar stamp and I love it. I’ve done this technic with the stamp and worked very well. I have the large xyron and used it before glittering. It worked quite well. I love be creative tape, but found the xyron quicker. Just another way to get the same look.

    • Yes! That’s right! I recall hearing that. I keep forgetting to use my larger xyron because it’s always tucked away. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  2. Hi Spike,

    For once I have the stamp you are showing. Have done this card with glitter before, but have never added any color to the moon or street lamp. Off hand do you recall what the color of the paper was that you used. It looks like there is some grain to it and I like it. I like this card very much.

    • Hi Lynne! I’m glad to hear that you’ve got some stamps still kicking around and this one is such a great one! The paper is just a thick (maybe 60# or 80# weight cardstock) white nothing too special about it only that I also use it for copics too. Just use an ink that is good for fine detail stamps 🙂


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