Bring on the Stickles! Creative Chemistry Homework Day 10

This is going to be a quick post, had a fabulous evening with some great gals teaching a La Blanche stamps workshop (Like I need an excuse to be inky!) and I’m completely tuckered out. It was a long day for me.

So I wasn’t sure if I would have time afterwards to do my Creative Chemistry homework for tonight but there was only one technique tag for us to do. I had mixed feelings as when I looked at it, I thought…No problemo! I can do that! BUT! I was saddened that *sigh* this was going to be it. There was 25 technique tags in total! That rocked! (and when my markers come in, I’ll catch up on the 3 that I missed) I’m almost at a loss now…it’s over 😦 There will be a follow up on Monday with bloopers and a showcase of cards er something.

On to the very last technique tag:

This is the Rock Candy Distress Stickles Technique.

And here’s a close up of it of the sparkly goodness because it’s difficult to see in the photo above.

Thank you to everyone that has left comments! They have totally made my days and I cherish them! (I often wonder if anyone reads this and most of the time I just figure that I’m talking to myself! lol)

A few of you have also left questions, I will generate a post shortly answering your questions as I feel that other folks will benefit from the answers as well 🙂

Thanks so much for visiting today!! Have an amazing, creative and inky weekend!



3 thoughts on “Bring on the Stickles! Creative Chemistry Homework Day 10

  1. LOVE that stamp set, I’m going to have to get me one. I’ve been using texture fades to make up for the backgrounds I don’t have but certainly don’t do it as much justice then seeing yours & how you did with the stickles. LOVE your tag! & I appreciate your comments as well. It gives so many warm fuzzies to read & makes my day! I loved reading your journey in class & looking at the incredible artwork you do. Following to keep in touch. Thank you so much!

  2. Another winner tag, Spike! It’s been great seeing what you have come up. All of our perspectives are so different and it amazed me every day how different everyones take on that days tags was.

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