Gettin’ all pearly ~ Day 9 of my Creative Chemistry Homework

Day 9! WOW! I can’t believe we’re at Day 9 already!! I don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s over. It’s been great all round! Not only has the class inspired me to get inky, I’ve dusted off some supplies and even cracked open some new product seals. (I dunno, do you have this problem? lol) I really hope Tim has a 102 in the works! 🙂

I was so happy to see perfect pearls on the lessons list as I know I don’t use them enough, especially since the arrival of Perfect Pearls Mists. I was eager to attack and finish my homework tonight especially since it was up early (thank you Deana for letting me know)!

Here’s my completed homework for Day 9

Left: Perfect Distress Mist Technique
Middle: Perfect Distress Technique
Right: Perfect Splatter Distress Technique

Now I just LOOOOOVE the tag on the right! Layered, pearly rainbows! LOL Here’s a close up of it, I don’t know if you can see the pearlescence of it all. Now this I have to do again just because!

So not only did I have inky fingers but shiny pearlescent inky fingers!! LOL The fun never stops! It’s never too late to join in the fun! Tim’s Creative Chemistry class is available 24/7 and if he goes too fast for you…there’s the pause button lol so you can soak in the knowledge at your own pace! There have been a few videos that I’ve played a few times already! What I also enjoy are the photo galleries to see what other folks have done with the days lessons, it is quite inspiring.

Thanks for checking in with me today and have a great day!


FYI. I’m teaching a fun and inky LaBlanche stamps class tonight and I may not be able to get Day 10 homework done and blogged for tomorrow 🙂


6 thoughts on “Gettin’ all pearly ~ Day 9 of my Creative Chemistry Homework

  1. Hi Spike,
    Great work, love your tags. You did so well to get them up so quick. I’m off to do mine now cant wait.

  2. What can a girl say Spike! These are really cool & I love the background you did for #2. Colors are Gorgeous. Sure does bring out the “chemist” in us all. HUGS

  3. Hi Spike,

    Love the tags, especially love the Perfect Distress Mist Technique Tag. Have never used the Perfect Pearls Mist, must introduce myself to them. You have made this course very interesting and I hope you will hold some classes covering some of what you have learned. Hugs

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