Back to the grindstone with more homework ~ Day 7

Well it’s Day 7 and we just got our newest set of lessons a couple of hours ago. You can tell I was raring to go because I’ve completed my homework and this is the first time I’m asking for more! lol

Here’s the technique tags from Day 7:

Tag on the left: Nostalgic Batik Technique
Tag in the middle: Rusted Enamel Technique
Tag on the right: Distress Powder Resist Technique

Now I know that I have to do some “do overs” because I wasn’t pleased with some results and I know that the tag on the right, using the Distress Powder Resist Technique wasn’t done all too well. (I know, shame, shame, tsk, tsk!) I had realized this while I was heating the Distress Embossing powder when I noticed the entire bottom snowflake was going all “glassy”. Normally this would be okay with an embossing powder but Distress embossing powder doesn’t. I don’t think I shook the container all too well and the results of that snowflake show it. Now if you look at the snowflake on the top left, that gave the results I was looking for! Yup, I’m one of those *cough, cough* detail oriented students. (I know some other gals would call it something else! lol) When I have a chance to do those re-dos, I’ll let you know how they turned out! 🙂

Since I didn’t take a pic of them the other day, here’s a picture of my left hand after I finished this set of technique tags!

Yup…I got inky tonight! 😉

Thanks for dropping in and checking in on my progress! Maybe, I’ll graduate or perhaps I’ll be sent to remedial Distress ink school! lol



8 thoughts on “Back to the grindstone with more homework ~ Day 7

  1. I think your snowflake tag is lovely! I am especially taken with the dress form tag though. So bright and cheery! My left hand looks like yours does today. It’s a badge of honor for me!!

  2. Hi Spike,

    Sounds like you gals that are taking this course are really having fun getting inky. I like what you did on the Snowflake tag. We all forget at times to shake or not shake our craft bottles. Can’t wait to see more tags

  3. LOL Love the inky hands! Mine looked the same when I finished too…priceless pixie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with your snowflakes…& I think I kinda got that on my dress form as well but I did do tone on tone (if that’s an emboss phrase I dunno). What I do know is I love YOUR TAGS! Thanks for sharing…

  4. LOL love the pixie of your hands! Mine looked a lot like that too & getting inky is just the FUN part of today’s lesson. You did awesome on your tags. It’s nice to know what you used with the snowflakes & the distress emboss. Mine came up with some glossy to it as well when I heat set it & thought since it’s my first time that it’s suppose to turn out that way. TFS the information…it means a lot!

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