Catching up on homework ~ Day 4 plus a little more…

I still had day 4 to catch up on. When I watched the video tutorial I realized that I needed to make a custom ink pad and in addition to that the other tags were going to take me some time to do, I thought to leave this lesson until Saturday evening.

I’ve really been enjoying this class! I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before that I’ve picked up quite a few helpful tips along the way in addition to the review. It’s been great that I’ve been able to haul out some of my tools and inks that haven’t been used in a little bit. The class has helped me get my mojo going too.

What also rocks is that my friend Deana is enrolled in the class too and we’ve been texting, emailing, comparing notes, stalking markers, figuring out unknown ink pads and different sorts of media! It’s been fun and we have another week to go!

So here’s my homework tags from Day #4. (click it for a clearer image)

The tag on the left: custom stamp pad technique (now this sooo rocks because I LOVE this stamp and now I have this stamp pad to go with it!)
The tag in the middle: spraying with re-inkers and using a doily as a stencil (I was too lazy to go find a stencil lol)
The tag in the: using re-inkers to water colour (it’s been a while since I used this stamp and I forgot how much I love it)

Now since I had gone to all the trouble to make a custom stamp pad, I immediately put it to use and whipped up some note cards for my uncle. (He sends out notes, letters and messages all the time. He’s not a fan of email so he enjoys the “art” of correspondence and has quite the collection of nibs and fountain pens.)

I’ll be making more but here’s the first batch for him.

Now that I’ve caught up on my assignments, I’ve got to get my other lessons blogged soon so that I can post them in the class forum. Perhaps I’ll do that in sunshine today 🙂

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to visit! Have a great Sunday!



4 thoughts on “Catching up on homework ~ Day 4 plus a little more…

  1. I too am taking Tim’s class and really enjoying it. It is a great refresher course as well as fun and creative. I love the stamp you used for the watercolouring technique. I have most of the supplies but have resorted to using other things when I don’t have a particular item.

    Thanks for the idea on the note cards; great idea!

  2. Hi Spike,

    Wow, you did a beautiful job on these three tags, I love them. I bet you are having some fun with Deana, both of you always come up with some really great ideas. I think your uncle will really enjoy these notes cards

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