Tag #7 ~ Spike & 12 Tags 2011

It seems life likes to add a curve ball now and then and I’ve fallen behind Tim’s 12 tags even further! I’m excited so I’ll just quickly share this one curve ball! I was planning to spend the day catching up on Sunday when I found out Saturday night that I need to be on my best behavior for a news camera crew. Someone got wind that a girl friend and friends are gathering goodies to give 30 families (105 peeps) hampers for the holiday season and cost us next to nothing! It was fun and a little nerve rattling having a crew follow us around but it’s for a great cause. If you’ve got a sec by all means, I invite you check it out the news coverage broadcast. We were tickled pink that it was shown on Monday’s edition of Canada AM!! Here’s CTV BC’s coverage. They’re also going to do a follow up story showing everything we’ve gathered up for the families 🙂

Now back to our regularly non-scheduled program! lol It is funny how things can throw a curve ball too! This tag was relatively easy only that I didn’t have the holly die to make the leaves, that stumped me until I got hit with the duh stick and just freely cut them out by hand! Ahhh..the things we used to do before we had our gadgets! (I tell ya, calculators have spoiled me too! lol) I enjoyed this tag as it’s got a great vintage feel.

I had a fun playing around with the alcohol ink technique on the Kraft Glassine to make the holly leaves. That’s just really neat stuff! For the full tutorial, Tim’s got it all covered on his blog be sure to check it out. Tim’s Tag 7 deets.

Here’s a close-up of the alcohol ink coloured baubles, they turned out great!

Thanks for dropping in today and have a fabulous day!



3 thoughts on “Tag #7 ~ Spike & 12 Tags 2011

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  2. Hi Spike,

    I second the comments that Kathy made in her reply. You gals are doing a great job that will be appreciated this Christmas. Loved this tag, way to go gal.

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