Life takes us in interesting directions…an update on Spike

With the last post, I left you, my wonderful, readers…Jeff and I were going to Vegas to get married. We did! It was quite the adventure and a few mishaps along the way but we made it and Elvis walked me down the aisle successfully!

In June, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Copic II intermediate certification workshop in Calgary with Sherrie. To Calgary and back by car in a weekend was fun! I stopped there and back to have a quick visit with Peg!

In July, procrastinating didn’t pay off. My domain name, spikescreativeside (dot) com was bought out from under my nose when it came available when I didn’t renew it quick enough. I never thought anyone would want to snag it but they did! That’s been frustrating trying to untie myself from it. **note to domain name owners out there, don’t let them expire!**

In August, I went to Seattle for a seminar and Peg had a great idea to tag along! Ooops…sorry Jeff! Peg and I met Sparkle, the wonderful owner of Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps and the ever so fabulous Suzanne, editor of the Sparkle Creations e-newsletter. We checked out a great craft/stamp store in Seattle, it’s always lots of fun to see the different things they have!

In September, trying to gear up for work and paper crafting…I got some life changing news. I was diagnosed with stage I, endometrial cancer…and within weeks, I was getting a laproscopic hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy in English…they were taking all the plumbing out. It was traumatic trying to realize I had the big C and also trying to terms with the hysterectomy, etc as it wasn’t on my bucket list. The surgery went well and I was taking things really easy. You don’t realize how many movements require abdominal muscles!

In October, I was just recovering, there wasn’t anything that I could really do. I couldn’t sit up straight to do any crafting so I caught up on some fave TV shows and managed to knit a scarf for Jeff.
Got great news! The tumor was not only a Stage I but also type 1A, which means it hadn’t gone anywhere so I wouldn’t need any further treatment ie. radiation. Phew!
Later in October was the Copic II Intermediate Certification in Langley and Peg came down from Salmon Arm and Sparkle came up from Seattle to take it. It was wonderful to see them again and I had the pleasure in meeting one of Sparkle’s friends from Vancouver, Tan.

In November, well…that was a blur. Sooo many mixed emotions…as I had to fully heal before going on hormone therapy so the brutal effects of surgical menopause just hit me hard. I was happy to have the weather cool down!

One thing I had going was couponing. I had been “extreme” couponing for many years (actually this is how Peg and I first met) but had slowed it down until I saw that TV show. I knew that couponing would change as I know it because of the show and I wanted to get back into it to do some good. I needed to give. Times are tough for many people so I had been couponing to help out. I had donated boxes and boxes and boxes of toiletries, etc to the Transition House in Chilliwack before my surgery. And after the surgery, I could sort and put together coupons without too much stress. I do enjoy it, it gets the math brain going!

So now here we are at the beginning of December. Got the okay from the Doc, got a path for therapy…it’s time to get back up on my feet!! I thought if there’s anything that could jump start my mojo, it would be Tim’s 12 tags! Well let’s give it a go! 🙂

I know many of you have been worried, especially when I wasn’t on the slate to teach at all this fall. Thanks for listening and being there. And thank you for your love and support during those dark and tough know who all you wonderful people are 🙂

Much love,

PS. If you’re reading this from my tutorial blog (spikestutorials), it’s because I had to re-direct the feed burner feed away to something that was still mine and it kept redirecting to the old url. Please go to to subscribe to my blog via wordpress, under “Don’t Miss an Issue” close to the right.


5 thoughts on “Life takes us in interesting directions…an update on Spike

  1. Wow, that was some update Spike! I’m so sorry to hear about your cancer (know firsthand what that’s like!), but so glad that it was caught early enough. It’s so good that you don’t require other treatment besides the surgery!

    Take it easy, it takes quite a long time to recover fully from abdominal surgery…….and enjoy the rest of your life!

    ps. Congrats on the wedding, I’d love to see some photos!

    Hugs, Lyn S

  2. Hi Spike,

    At last I have heard from you, I am oh so happy for you that things will be OK, I have missed you big time girl. I am not doing much crafting right now as I had cataract surgery on Tuesday, and every thing is a bit blurry. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. LOL

  3. A!!! I didn’t realize you were blogging again and I’m thankful that you added me to FB so that I could link your posts to here. I am so glad to have met you back in October, too. It was a true compliment when you added me to FB as I thought it was funny that you thought I was a “student,” coincidentally after you had finished telling stories of some of YOUR students. *chuckle* You are such a down to earth and humble person, I can only hope that I age as gracefully and as wise as you. Period.

    Oi about the surgery… I only wish I knew! I’m sorry that I didn’t… but I send you belated hugs now.

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