Genuine ~ Drunkenstampers Challenge #50

This card started over a month or so ago when Shannon at Classic was thinking of coming up with animal prints in glitter! It’s tough working in a scrap store! hehe As she was figuring out zebras, tigers, etc…she mentioned something about a cow and I interjected with…well why don’t you make the black spots out of black fun flock? Well she gave it a go and it turned out awesome!! Then I thought it would be PERFECT for this challenge with Drunken Stampers!

I had made up the background well ahead and tried to think of witty cow phrases but only corny ones came up and they all didn’t sit right with me. So I used the TH Philosophy Tag Genuine instead, thinking of Genuine Grade A Beef or something like that! But upon further reflection, it could also be interpreted as Genuine Cow which um, yeah…I will take this back to the drawing board.

I do love the way it all turned out using the cool highlight glitter for the white parts and the black flock. It totally rocked! You’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for a class from Shannon doing this! If not, definitely mention it to her! 😉

Be sure to visit the Drunken Stampers Challenge Blog to see what the other gals did! What I love about the challenge blog is that everyone’s style is totally different and it’s great to see the many different things that we come up with for the same challenge!

I’m off to teach a technique class today based on techniques that would be great for guy cards.
Enjoy your Saturday and as always thanks for dropping by!



2 thoughts on “Genuine ~ Drunkenstampers Challenge #50

  1. Your moo card is fantastic!

    Frankly, I like the “Genuine” tag with your imitation cow print. I guess I see it as “you can be genuine without being exactly like all of the other cows” … or, we’re all the same in our own unique way. 🙂

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