Happy Birthday Sweetie! A filmstrip card…

Well it’s the weeeeeee hours of the morning for me and I JUST finished! It’s Jeffrey’s Birthday today and well a few hours ago I didn’t have a birthday card done for him.

Funny after the intense 12 days of Tags plus the boost of creative energy for planning classes, I got stumped! I started picking up paper that I wanted to use and slowly pieced the card together.
Okay, it was a clean and simple card (CAS), that’s okay but it was just missing something. Then once creative inspiration hits…you can’t go to sleep until it’s done!

I was reaching for a package of Inchie matboard when I came across Tim Holtz’s filmstrip ribbon that I hadn’t used. How PERFECT is that?!!
You see my husband works on movies and TV series’. Unfortunately 3 am is NOT the time one should be trying to find good quality stills from movie and TV shows. Instead, I used some of his headshots as well as a picture of him standing in front of the stargate from Stargate Universe since they were already in the computer.

I reduced down the photos to 1 cm x 1.5 cm to fit in the filmstrip spots, printed them using a colour laser printer onto 80# Hammermill Digital Copy cardstock (it’s my preferred paper when using Copics) and then adhered them onto the strip with glossy accents.

And I LOVE how it turned out!! Please excuse the glare in the photo, I was getting glare from the filmstrip ribbon and from the copper foil on the patterned paper so I had to turn off my extra lights to minimize it.

Wahoo! Now it’s off to bed I go, I have to get up at a reasonable hour (maybe 3 hours from now or so) to drop off my remaining tags to Classic then pick up his B.Day cake as well as his gift.

Let’s keep it our little secret though! He won’t see it until later today! *teehee*

Goodnight! Er, morning! LOL



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