Tag 10 of Spike’s 12 Tag Journey of 2010 for Charity

I just finished Tag 10, just before midnight! Yipee!

As tonight is the 12th and last tag, I wanted to thank Mario for doing a fabulous behind the scenes, keeping everyone on Twitter occupied with funny pictures and stories. A big thank you to Tim for making a huge effort in creatively getting a tag done a day and speed blogging complete with photos, project extras and sometimes even video tutorials! This is my first time doing them and if Tim does it again next year, you’ll be sure to find me making them too! It’s been tonnes of fun!

Now onto Tag #10
I was lucky that I had picked up Seasonal Grungeboard last year as it’s been really helpful for 12 tags! I don’t have Tim’s fun snowman die but found a snowman in that grungeboard set.
Please click to see Tim’s tag 10 and instructions.

Here’s my tag. It was a bit of “fun” to photograph as the lights reflected off of the acetate.

Here’s a closer up so you can see the snowman a little better through the embossed acetate.

Well that makes 2 more tags for me to go!!

Thanks for dropping in!!



7 thoughts on “Tag 10 of Spike’s 12 Tag Journey of 2010 for Charity

  1. Hi Spike,

    You have out done your self my gal. I have enjoyed your creativity. Hope you will show us how to do it in the New Year at Classic’s

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