12 Tags of Christmas ~ Tags 3 & 4

Hello friends! If you’re looking for the Digis with Attitude/Drunken Stampers blog hop, please click here for the office party festivities!

Wahooooo! I had a fabuloso class today! There was an amazing group of gals that just know how the creation process works, how to listen to instructions (LOL) and have a great time! I would love it if all my classes were like that! 🙂

We’re onto Day 5 and this is really fun! I’ve just been taking it all in…the Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags of Christmas. It feels like Christmas every evening. Mario, hangs out on Twitter doing TBS tweets, taking those sneak peak photos of Tim. The other night I was being a wise ass and now there’s a mystery package making it’s way to my doorstep! *squeal* Cool! When was the last time you were rewarded for being a smart ass! LMAO! But I digress…so while checking out the sneak peaks…you get other great snippets too! Like…hmmm…what did they have for supper tonight…who keeps them supplied with caffeine…who’s come over to visit. I feel like a stalker! LOL

Then…it goes quiet for a bit while they’re creating the blog post, fixin’ photos, editing, etc. (I know how that goes! You think it’s only going to take you 15 minutes only to look at the clock and 3 hours have gone by!) This is where I keep looking at the clock…is it time yet? How about now? Now? I feel like a kid! LOL
Once 12:01 strikes, click over to Tim’s blog and there’s a new tag to oogle over!

Tag #3: Click here to check out Tim’s tag with instructions.
And here’s my tag:

I had a lot of fun with the tissue tape flower and now I must make more of these! They’re so easy to do but they look stunning! Totally up my alley!

Yesterday after work, I went out to grab a few supplies as I was running out of that wonderful ribbon (called Trimmings: Lavish). This LSS had organized all it’s Tim’s stuff in one section so I thought well since I’m here let’s have a looksie of what other goodies are there. I had this package of Facets (they’re like large crystals with facets) in my hand…and the ever old inner monologue play…should I? Shouldn’t I? They look cool but heck, when would I use them? After 10 minutes over this quandary, I thought I’ll be good and put it back to pick up for another day. I thought…well if he does use them, I could sub in Fragments…yeah that will work.

Late last night, lo and behold when 12:01 stuck. I checked out the new tag and ACK! Tim used Facets!! I knew it! I knew it! And it looks soooo pretty!! Check it out here: Tim’s Tag #4 with instructions

So I pouted, went to my package of Fragments, looked through them…but, but…it’s not the same. True to my word, I used a Fragments piece instead 😀

Here’s my Tag #4

Here’s the Fragments piece. As it’s flat it doesn’t capture the light the way Facets do but this alcohol technique has always been a favourite of mine!

What I love about this tag is all the wonderful baubles on it!

Be sure to drop by Classic on Alexander in Chilliwack to check out the tags and by silent auction one of them or all can be yours! Proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Ann Davis Transition House Society.

Thanks for checking up on me! Have a great Sunday!!



4 thoughts on “12 Tags of Christmas ~ Tags 3 & 4

  1. Hi Spike,

    Have been watching the tags you have made and they are truly out of this world. Too far advanced for me, but I think maybe next year everyone would enjoy a class using some of these techniques. LOL

  2. Goodness these are some of the most gorgeous tags I’ve yet, especially the alcohol technique piece in the blue. This is giving me lots of ideas, thank you so much for sharing and wishing you a happy holidays!

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