Rest in Peace Sunshine

My dear feline, furry friend of 12 years passed away Monday, 2 1/2 months after being diagnosed with cancer. She fought hard all the way, that’s my Sparkie!

The cat shelter named her Sunshine but to me she’ll always be Sparkie. I thought I lost her a week after she joined us. I took her camping to the Okanagan and she accidentally got out into a bramble bush. The brush was too thick and I couldn’t go in to retrieve her. I thought she would hide in there for eternity. But after calling her by her new name (which I didn’t think she would connect with it only after a week) the calico kitten emerged soon after. It was meant to be!

She was fun, vibrant and very independent. She was my constant during some rough and difficult transition years in my life. For a time, it was just Sparkie and I. She never judged, although once she did express her disdain when I accidentally left her out all night for the first time. When I let her in, she mumbled and grumbled…she certainly put me in my place!

Sparkie wasn’t a mouser or a birder. She was quite the princess and even sometimes a priss. But you turn around and the next thing, she’s climbing up a tree and running on the roof. Then looking down at you and meowing to greet you when you get home. Silly, crazy cat! I shall miss her musical chirp to wake me in the mornings and when I walk in the door.

I shall miss you dearly, sweetheart!

July 1998 – November 22, 2010
Rest in Peace

It’s been tough to create free form lately as my mind wanders hoping that she’ll wander into my craft room and jump up and curl up on my lap to distract me from my task. It takes time, I know.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for dropping in and sharing my memories of my dear friend.



8 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Sunshine

  1. I hear you…I would be lost without my ‘Jinks.

    He got his name because I thought I lost him the first day he arrived as a tiny, tiny kitten. We had friends over and the door was left open for a time. As wildlife (cougars, bears, coyotes, eagles) abound in our neighborhood I thought he was gone. We tore our house apart looking for him…nothing. I cried myself to sleep…around 2:30 in the morning my hubby puts this tiny thing into my arms. He had climbed behind books on the shelf (we looked there twice).

    The second time he did the same thing. This time, after searching everywhere….I stood still in the living room and carefully looked around. I finally spotted a tufted ear tip sticking up behind a cushion. We almost named him Waldo but I preferred ‘Jinks (practical joke). He is my best friend.

    I am so sorry about your buddy.


  2. Boy, that’s a tough one. I know what it’s like to go through, no matter what, they are a constant in the family. My thoughts are with you.

  3. Hi Spike,
    My heart goes out to you, our pets become so much more than pets, they become family, and like you said they never judge you but give you unconditionaly love. I feel sure that in time, the memory of Sparkle, will bring a warm fuzzy feeling to your heart. Sparkle, has found peace, because even the smallest of creatures is loved by He Who Is Above.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers

  4. I totally understand – so sorry to hear . Our own kitties are everything to us – thru the day – afternoon – and night they are by our sides . Tomorrow marks the 28th anniversary that I lost my 2 year old very loving cat to a terrible accident and I can always bring myself to tears over it in a thought 😦
    We understand and hope you don’t suffer too much – as I know I have and will again !

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