Battle Royale Challenge Week 4

Wow! The competition is heating up!! For this week’s challenge we were to create candy packaging and it was back to Peggy for this round!!
Well she did a little more than create packaging, she wanted to do something a little different and add Greeting Farm images on the candy itself! It’s quite the project!!

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of her project to post on my blog, but here’s the link on the Greeting Farm Gallery: BC Farmers Project

And while you’re there, please vote! This is the semi-finals round and we would love to be considered for the final 3 teams!! Remember your comment is your vote and if you’re not already registered with them, it takes a few short steps to register. This prevents spamming and lets them know that the individual leaving the comment is genuine, which is fair.
We’ve been white knuckling it all the way!! And this round probably more than usual as they’re picking 6 teams to move on!!

Thanks so much for your help and support! It means alot to all of us!

Have a great week!!



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