We need YOUR help…

A couple of weeks ago, The Greeting Farm put out a call for teams consisting of 3 to 5 members…why? We didn’t have a clue! It sounding like fun so I asked Peggy (the one whose always got an order from the Greeting Farm on the way! LOL) if she was already on a team and if not…did she want to be on a team with me? Well she wasn’t!! WAHOO!! We needed another member and Peg’s friend Lisa would be perfect!

Okay, so now we’re a team…we came up with the name BC Farmers. So, now what’s next? This past Wednesday we found out…it’s battle of the Design Teams for 5 weeks! There are 60 teams…the first cut is 30!!!!
We were then given our first challenge!!
You have to make a retro card using colours that were on a jar of body scrub!! You have FOUR days!!

One team member is to complete the challenge. Since Peggy is the most experienced with the Greeting Farm stamps, we thought that it would be fitting that she did the first one.

Here’s her card!!!

Isn’t that absolutely AMAZING???!!! Here’s where you can help! I hate to sound like a whiny kid running for student president but…please vote for us!! 😀

This link leads you straight to Peggy’s card
in the Greeting Farm Gallery, your comment is a vote and you have 3 votes so if you see other cards that you like go ahead and vote. If you’re not registered on the Greeting Farm Gallery, you will need to do that first. Voting for this round ends on Tuesday so of course the sooner, the better!!

Please tell a friend or two or three or more!! 😀

Stay tuned, we’ll let you know how it goes!!

Thanks so much for dropping in today!!



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