You have 30 minutes to make a Valentine’s card and must use…

1 ribbon or lace
1 punch or Nestie
3 buttons or rhinestones
You can use more, but you cannot use less…welcome to Challenge #4 on VCD at the Stampin Canada forum. Mwahahahaaaaa…

Panic started to set in! ACK! A time limit…I don’t create well under a time limit! I think I started hyperventilating er something. Uh, okay…paper, ribbon, Nesties/punch, buttons/rhinestones…okay, okay…breathe….breathe!! I thought okay Spike calm down, you can do this…man oh man was “Wenchie” a slave driver or what???!!! ACKKKK! Then it dawned on me…HEY WAIT A SEC!!??! OH FLOCK!! <—- crafting expletive. This was MY challenge. Yup, that’s right, it’s all my own fault!
When the call for suggestions came around I was like the super keener geek kid in class whose hand shot up with lightening response and contributed this challenge.
I realized that I had had an advantage and could have gotten ready beforehand with a super spectacular card only itching to post it at exactly half past! But noooooooooo! It was then when I started to bang my head against the wall. No, not really but I sure felt like it!! LOL

Well…here’s what I threw together in 30 minutes…

I think I was channeling my inner goth by making the heart black. I thought the card was okay but could have used a little something. The next day when I was looking at all my Valentine’s things from VCD, the idea came to revisit this card. Everything is better with glitter! (Peggy’s fave saying!) So I grabbed a Clear Stardust glitter pen and went to work. I took the patterned paper carefully off of the card with dental floss and pierced around to add a subtle highlight. Reassembled it all and it was then when I “felt the love”. My work was done. 😀

What’s in it:
Paper: Cherry Red (Bazzill), Butterfield (Memory Box)
Ink: Clear Star Gel Pen (Stardust/Sakura)
Embellishments: Piercing, Heart (Nestabilities/Spellbinders), Flourish (Impressabilities/Spellbinders), Burgundy Satin Ribbon (May Arts), Floral Lace Edger Punch (Martha Stewart), Red Rhinestones (Kaiser)

Note to self, the next time a request goes out for ideas be sure to think them through thoroughly before suggesting them!!! LOL Thanks for visiting and have a great over the hump day!!



6 thoughts on “You have 30 minutes to make a Valentine’s card and must use…

  1. Geez, that would’ve taken me two hours, and it still wouldn’t have looked that good! Well done! Love your blog– you made me smile before 7 AM, and that’s quite a feat!!!

  2. YEAH Spike (picture me pumping my arm in the air)! Kudos to you. There is no way in heck that I could do a card in 30 minutes. I know I would have frozen, I would have needed at least an hour – LOL! All kidding aside, the card was pretty when you finished it (and I do like the black heart). But you positively rocked it when you did the piercing and added that luscious Stardust Glitter Pen. I’m with Pat, a little glitter never hurts, sometimes that’s just what you need. Awesome card Spike!

    Elaine Allen

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