Where does your inspiration come from?

It can sometimes be a difficult question. And naturally when we’re lacking inspiration it’s most often difficult to create. I’ve enjoyed reading the creative process of other artists and wonder most often about my own. I used to start with a card sketch and slowly fill in the elements of the sketch “puzzle”. Sometimes I’ll want to work with a particular stamp as my starting point. Lately, I’ve been drawn to paper.

Colour. I’ve always loved bright, bold and vivid colours. I was the kid in school who had the 144 colours of crayons in the box with the sharpener in the back. No, I didn’t use them all but I was ready for any colouring fiasco should the need arise! It’s a wonder these days that I don’t have all Copic colours but really, the rent comes first! LOL But I digress!

Colour and paper. I have been in awe over these GORGEOUS papers by Webster’s Pages. They have been calling out to me. The thing is…they’re just so beautiful I don’t want to cut them up! Okay so there are still two of each in the 6×6 pack but STILL! One particular page sat on my desk for 3 days, I’d look at it from time to time…it was aching to be crafted into something wonderful but I didn’t want the regret of hacking it up. That’s the thing…the project had to be worthy of it’s beauty. (I’m sure by now you’re thinkin’…she’s a crackpot! It’s only a stinkin’ piece of paper! Sheesh, just use it already! LOL) I’d take a pic of the actual sheet but I’m sure I’d violate a copyright law somewhere. I remedied my dilemma this past weekend and picked up a back-up pack so I’d have a few spare.

Sunday morning, I was sitting at my desk surfing the internet doing my usual when Jeff came in and said that his father called. Jeff’s paternal grandmother had passed away Sunday morning, she was 93. My eyes had wandered and saw that lonely sheet and it was then where I found a purpose that was befitting.

It’s a very simple card with hardly any embellishments on it. There’s glossy accents on some of the cherries and on a few of the butterflies, pierced some holes and added a button. The paper speaks for itself and it would be a shame to cover it up. We’ll be sending this to Jeff’s father.

What’s in it:
Paper: Blue (Core’dinations), Sweet as Cherry Pie (Webster’s Pages)
Stamp: Forever in Our Hearts (Verve)
Ink: Bahama Blue (Memento)
Embellishments: Glossy Accents (Ranger), Piercer, Flower (Prima), Button (Basic Grey), Hemp Twine

I realized that inspiration can come from unlikely or unusual places. So, here’s the big question…where does YOUR inspiration come from?? I’d love to hear what gets you creating!



5 thoughts on “Where does your inspiration come from?

  1. Spike your card is absolutely gorgeous. I’m so glad you are blogging again and showing you great creations.

  2. Wow Spike this is a beautiful card.
    Sometimes my inspiration comes from others. I needed to let you know that I was struggling with a few sympathy cards I needed to make yesterday -I have had waaaay too many of these to make in the past 3 months. When I saw your card yesterday and read your post it inspired me and suddenly I had the idea and then just needed to make it work. I wanted one of them in particular to be “special” for dear friends of ours. It still took awhile to do because I just seem to be slow at cardmaking. But it was your beautiful card and post which got me going in the right direction. Thanks for that.

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