And now for something completely different II…

Well I figured since I’m on a roll with doing different things at the moment, sometimes it’s great to take a break…try something new and you’ll have fresh perspective to add to what you love it do! That all being said and done…I admit it…I’m a technique junkie, I want to try new and different things! LOL
Now when I first saw these, I thought oh cool it kinda reminded me a little of paperdolls. It’s not normally my thing but hey, there’s many different things out there for everybody. But when I saw this oriental one as well as another, I thought oh, wow…well…here’s an excuse to give this technique a try. It’s paper tole.

Paper Tole or decoupage is the art of constructing a 3-dimensional image from a 2-dimensional print. It’s been around for a very long time 17th century in France.
Now one could do it oneself by taking an image and painstakingly create the layers on your own.
Or one could by a kit out there and cut them out yourself.
But well, for me…I love technology and as I can be lazy at times, this is all laser or die cut!! HELLO! So you can do all the fun parts!


Look! There’s even arrows showing you which goes where and 3 sets in the one! And it’s printed on a prism/foil background!! I LOVE IT! If you’re curious, this set is called, Sagi No Mai from the artist Haruyo Morita So I sat watching TV with the sheet and a pack of square pop dots piecing them together. Jeff looked over and asked, can I do one? I guess he musta been bored because put one together and even admitted to liking it. But…SHHHHHHHH…no one is supposed to know! LOL

Here’s what they ended up looking like all assembled.


I was surprised how big they were on an A2 sooo…I just grabbed an embossed piece of paper from the With Gratitude Cuttlebug EF and some Raven Bazzill CS and that’s it!


Because of the paper, it gives a different look depending on the angle.


Thanks for walking with me on this little indulgence! It was quick, easy and fun! It’s sometimes nice having directions for things!! LOL

Now don’t you worry, I’ll return with my usual mischief very shortly! Thanks for taking the time to visit today!!



7 thoughts on “And now for something completely different II…

  1. Wonderful technique. I recently tried my hand at one
    of these too. It was fun, although a little more time consuming than an embellished card. But a change is as good as a rest. Love the content of the Asian theme.

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