Relax, Rejuvenate Cuttlebug Spa Weekend!

Welcome!! And Thank YOU for stopping by from the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog by way of Meda’s Blog!!  I just love the work she does with wedding invitations, loads of great ideas there!


My flower is “Geranium“ (the breed above is my absolute most fave: Colorcade Burgundy Ice Geranium Ivy)

I just loooove planting them all over the garden, sitting with all of them around me and enjoying the sunshine!

My most fave thing I love to do to relax is to soak my feet in a foot bath with marbles and the motion of rolling my feet on them is soooo soothing!

Now…to be eligible to win the blog hop prizes and my blog candy below… leave a comment below (it won’t show up right away as I have the comment moderation on) and subscribe to my blog via Feedburner only, then verify via the confirmation email (as I’m using WordPress, there is no follow feature here)… that’s delivered to your email inbox.

Then, I invite you to head to the next stop of the hop and go check out Lea’s fabulous blog Life needs a few more Cupcakes & Sunshine, to find out what her relaxing flower is!  She’s a very talented crafter!  Her cards are works of art!

What’s this all about???

You’ve reached the middle of a blog hop challenge. You collect flowers from design team member blogs with their names then email us at with your list and you will be entered to win fabulous prizes! It’s best you start at the beginning of the blog hop at the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog to make sure that you don’t miss any flowers!  ALSO!! Be on the lookout because there are EXTRA prizes that you could win on the Design Team Member’s blogs! (and I’ve got a few too!)

You have all weekend to complete your entry, until Sunday, May 3rd at 10pm EST to visit all the blogs in the Blog Hop and send in your entry!

Be sure to visit the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog all weekend as design team has special ideas and projects planned to be posted at several times during the day and you can play along too!!

Extra candy!  I’m offering extra goodies (3 separate prizes).

What are these goodies you ask???

1) a mini jar of Arbonne aromatherapy Relaxing Sea Salt Scrub (the Awaken scrub is pictured below)


2) a jar of Glitter Ritz MicroFine Glitter and Sakura Quickie Glue Pen



3) a set of Spellbinders, Labels FOUR Nestabilities


Good luck to everyone on the hop, thanks for participating and hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


Oh, oh at SPA central at Blogger!! There have been a few probs with blogger today…so here’s the order to keep moving if one is down BUT make sure you catch everyone to be eligible to win!

Jenn K.
Mrs. J
Jenn M

Then back to the Cuttlebug Blog.


143 thoughts on “Relax, Rejuvenate Cuttlebug Spa Weekend!

  1. I’ve never tried soaking my feet in marble bath. Sounds relaxing! I may need to try that one! Thanks for offering the great prizes!

  2. Spike~ I also love geraniums. I plant them in my garden every year. LOVE looking at your fabulous cards!!

  3. Geranium’s are beautiful aren’t they?! Oh my goodness your foot bath sounds divine. I am going to have to try that with the marbles. >:0) Have a fabulous weekend.

  4. That is such a pretty breed of geranium that you picked to represent your flower. I also liked the previous post about the Impressabilities Tutorial. I had just bought some of these and was wondering the best way to use them. Thanks for the info.

  5. That is a gorgeous geranium. I don’t think I have seen that variety.

    I follow WP blogs using Sage extension for Firefox. It works quite well.

  6. What a beautiful flower…definitely one of my favorites!!! Great inspiration on your blog…I just signed up!

  7. Love geraniums and you’ve got some very nice cards here on your blog! I’m going to follow you and check back often!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the blog candy!! I would love to own those label nestabilities. Haven’t given in to purchasing any of these templates yet.

  8. I did not know geraniums came in such beautiful colors. I thought they were only red!
    Love the arbonne products.

  9. The prices are great and I love a pedicure in a true spa — to be pampered and show off your toes with sandles.

  10. Joining in on the blog hop!
    I’m using Google Reader to follow you now — cannot wait to see even more of your inspirational work!

  11. this is sooooooooo fun.. I am having the best time..put my kids down for naps and now I am having quiet cool..this was a totally great idea..thanks for the candy offerings..Have a great day!

  12. The geranium is indeed a beautiful flower in the garden!! That reminds me I need to pick up a few and get them planted.

  13. Had to write the entire name of your favourte type of geranium. It is a beautiful colour, now I wonder if I can find it here in Canada! Great prizes too!

  14. I love geraniums, my grandma used have tons of them in her gardens when I was growing up. I’m sorry I can’t follow your blog, I only use Google Reader.

  15. Geraniums are such a “Classic Garden Flower” I have had many varieties and colors over the years and still love love love them! Thanks for the chance to win such yummy candy too!

  16. I became a follower but I am having problems with my home email so will have to sign up with my work email ( but can’t confirm until monday.

  17. The picture of the geranium is great. Geraniums are a very popular flower. Thanks for a chance to win your great prizes.

  18. wonderful! I have Geraniums in my garden and they are pink. Love that flower and a wonderful fragance too!

  19. Now that is something I must try–marbles while soaking my feet. I can imagine it feels soooooo good. I like geraniums too and plant loads of them each year.

  20. Those flowers ARE so gorgeous!! Totally see why they’re your fave. WOW…so much freebie goodness goin’ on!! 🙂 I LOVE those NESTIES!! What a fun hop to do this weekend–I needed this. This is my stress reliever right here! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

  21. Spike I can’t believe you’re giving away NESTIES!!! You’ll make some blog hopper very happy with them! I love the geranium, such a beautiful flower and easy to take care of.

  22. OHHHH love the blog candy Spike!!! I come back to your blog all the time, and am always amazed at how well you keep it up!!

  23. OOHH, marbles in a foot bath. I must try it because I love to have my feet massaged. The only problem I have is if hubby rubs my feet he wants me to do his….eewww! No thanks!

  24. Wow I’m really enjoying this blog hop …… I’m loving the idea of Impressabilities and I’m desperate to get my hands on some Nestabilities.

  25. Happy NSD! Thanks for the awesome giveaways. I really love the second giveaway items.
    I just signed up for e-mail subscription.

  26. This is so much fun!! Thanks for the chance to win… I love you flower I will have to remember those for when I get around to having a garden.

  27. Blog candy is amazing! But what really got me was the post beneath this one with the gorgeous new Spellbinders embossing folders (?). I have to get these! You have a great blog!

  28. Geraniums are so pretty. I enjoy soaking in a hot bubble bath and usually soak every night if I can.

    Thanks for your blog!

  29. I love geraniums, but my MoM likes them more, she has really good luck with them too. My SIL just planted a bunch of pink ones in her new flower bed w/ some hostas.. it looks so pretty!

  30. Wow Spike, great Blog Hop and fab candy to be won. You and Peggy from SBS22 are doing SO well, makes me proud to be a sister!
    On to the next Blog after following of course!

  31. Geraniums are beautiful. I love the scented ones too.

    I relax by crafting with my 5 yr old grandaughter. She loves to crank the handle on the cuttlebug. It is such a delight to see the look on her face when the finished product comes through.

    Make yourself a GREAT day!

  32. Right now my husband is in Iraq so the only me time I have is at night after they are asleep. I have a 6 year old a 1 1/2 year old and one on the way. One of the ways I like to relax is make a bowl of pasta with marinara sauce and watch one of my fav movies. Not very healthy maybe but very relaxing.

  33. Every year I hang a basket of ivy Geraniums in my garden (lite and dark pinks) Thanks for sharing and the terrific giveway. Will have to try the marbles.

  34. Geraniums remind me of my grandmother…she had them all over her backyard when I was a little girl. I remember playing “Nancy’s Flowershop” (she owned the corner flower hut) with my little pink cash register, and my “customers” always loved the geranium bouquets :o)

  35. HeeHeeHee… being new to blogging and leaving comments, I think I signed up for everything on your site, lol (Twitter, Feed-something and now here, lol). Hopefully I’m covered on my way to collecting more flowers! ~ Shelley

  36. Wow, okay, I’ll admit, I don’t normally like geraniums, but the pic of them you posted is gorgeous. So maybe my dislike is that the ones here never look like that! lol. Thanks for being in the blog hop!

  37. Your blog is SO INFORMATIVE… I really enjoyed looking around… great blog!!! I’ve had a Big Shot and a Cuttlebug for quite a while and I picked up a lot of tips from looking around your blog.. THANKS!!
    Denise from OHio

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