Bics vs. Copics Colour Chart

Hello friends!
As the last few days have seen myself rather busy with family, I haven’t had the chance to get the creative side out other than at my LSS which is a story for another day! 😀
So on the way to the hospital to see dad, which is about an hour drive one with without traffic, I stopped in an LSS on the way. (I just about have most LSS’s mapped from my house right into Vancouver! Sound familiar? LOL) So I had thought to just sit for a while and do some colour mapping.

I know many folks find that Copics are pricey especially if you’d like to get a few colours without breaking the piggy bank. Soooo…some have found that playing around with the Bic Mark It’s permanent markers and Sharpie’s permanent markers work just as good as they’re also an alcohol based marker.

To be honest, I picked up the multipack of the Bic Mark It’s at a discount store this past fall and love using them. I did also pick up the Copic Blender (0) pen and yes, I have found that the blender pen works with Bics. I have been slowly collecting the (E) Copics for skin tones and shades of brown. Now, I want to expand my Copic collection but don’t want to pick up Copics that are the same or close enough to the Bics I already own. Essentially, I didn’t want to duplicate colours. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE using copic markers because of the different marker tips, they are refillable, etc but I will slowly replace my Bics with Copics once the Bics go. In order to do this succesfully, I had to find somewhere that crossreferenced Bic Colours with Copics and there weren’t any!

If you want something done…do it yourself! Well in this case you can benefit from me loitering in an LSS! 😀

The Bic colours below are the ones I own, I know there are a few more but it’s been difficult for me to find that 36 Bic Marker pack in Canada! Also, the colour chart is subject to my eye matching the colours best I could. [but you can take some comfort, I’ve been told by different people that my colour matching is pretty good ;)]I took a piece of simply smooth cardstock with the Bics swatched on it and drew lines of copic colours beside it…if it matched, wahoo!

These are in no particular order: (Bic-Copic)

Forest Green – G17
Key Lime – between YG07 and YG09
Margarita Green – YG13
Tranquil Teal – darker than BG11
Deep Sea Blue – B69
Blue Skies Blue – FB2
Oceanview Blue – B93
Hot Aqua – BG07
Yellow Blaze – Y08
Lemon Bliss – Y11
Woodsy Brown – E39
Fandango Pink – RV06
Playful Purple – B79
Polynesian Purple – between V15 and V17
Peach Parfait – E93
Sunset Orange – R05
Rambunctious Red – R08
Pink Flamingo – RV23

Hope that you’ve found this helpful! Please share the info just let them know where you found it. (I spent a bit of time there and you wouldn’t believe the funny looks I was getting in the store!) If you’ve done something similar and the colours are different, I would love to hear what you’ve found!

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend! Thanks for dropping by!



8 thoughts on “Bics vs. Copics Colour Chart

  1. What a wonderful idea. I haven’t invested in the coics or any alchohol based marker yet…I really want to but they are so pricey. I did find some markers called Tria by Letraset. Have you heard of them?? They are a little less and are refillable too.

  2. I am new at coloring on my crafts and cannot afford copics but want the similar effect because my water based markers are not cutting it! So this comparison chart is really nice!!! Now I just need to find one with Sharpies also and I am good to go!

    Thanks so much!!!

  3. Thanks so much for this – very useful information. Like a lot of people I tested the waters with the Bic markers before I bought any Copics and didn’t want “duplicates” as I built my collection. So appreciate you sharing!

  4. Hi Spike,
    I love this info! I just got copics but have been using markits in this way for years! I am creating some hand color chards (like the one copic has) for Prismacolor, Bic Markits and Sharpie markers to share with my blog readers. I would like to add your conversion to the mark it one with credit given to you and a link to your blog. Do you mind? Thanks for sharing:)

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