Ribbon Storage Made Easy and Accessible

At the moment, I’m in organizing mode! I’ve looked at a few sketches but I really wanted to work on my card studio! I’ve got an office space that was really used for dumping boxes and other unwanted things. When Jeffrey suggested that I convert it into a studio, I’ve all of a sudden gotten the energy to work on it!! I soooo can’t wait ’til it’s done but it will be a long process! I will take pictures of it when it’s done!

So I started organizing my ribbon. Okay, I know it’s like digging for an in ground swimming pool with a teaspoon but hey! You gotta start somewhere! 😉

When I visited Peg this past summer I absolutely fell in love with her ribbon storage!!! She told me that she found it off of the web somewhere and told me how to make it, which is super EASY! With her permission I wanted to share it with you all!

First head to your dollar store and pick up a package of flexible cutting boards.


This pack was only a dollar for two 12×18″ boards!

Grab your guillotine paper cutter (I’m sure your personal paper cutters will work but why bother wasting a blade?!) and cut it up into 1.5×2″ pieces. One board will give you 50+ of these pieces!

Punch 5 holes with a regular sized punch:
1 – 1/4″ close to one end and 3/4″ from either side (this is the top)


with the next 4 holes punch them 1/8″ from the edge
-2 of them up 1/4″ from the bottom (1st set of holes)
-2 of them up 7/8″ from the bottom (2nd set of holes)


Grab an exact-o knife or a pair of scissors and cut straight across from top of one hole to the other for the 1st set of holes then cut straight across from the bottom of one hole to the other. You’ll be cutting out a small chunk to form a slot. Do the same with the 2nd set of holes. (sorry for the blurry photo!)

Feel the edges that you just cut, if they’re rough smooth them out. (you don’t want your beautiful ribbon snagging!)


Add your ribbon! Depending on the width of ribbon you can fit several on it. I suggest you have 1 or 2 yard lengths of it on the card and make a note on it if you have the spool stashed away! This way you will have your ribbon at your fingertips and with it hanging it mostly be wrinkle free!


Place the cards on a ring. You can get one large ring and place all your ribbons on it or have several rings and group your ribbon according to style, colour or theme!

I’ve got them on 1″ ring at the moment but I’ll eventually get a 3 or 4″ ring and add all my ribbon on it…I think….not quite sure yet!


Have fun with it! If you decide to do this I would love to hear how it worked! Thanks again to Peg for showing me how to do this!





11 thoughts on “Ribbon Storage Made Easy and Accessible

  1. Gee thanks for showing me how to make them…I just ordered them from my supplier (20 cents each). Oh well, it’ll save me some work – more time to play with my stamps, lol.

  2. Hi Aileen,
    Well, Gwen & I made it into SBS22, so we’re thrilled!
    Knew I’d visited & left a few msgs. last night, but wanted to officially stop in on all my Sisters’ blogs today.
    I love this awesome idea as an addition to my plastic gutter system because I always have ribbon that isn’t on a roll or card. Simple & inexpensive to do – right up my alley!!!

  3. You were busy last night! lol glad you got a chance to get it done! I might have a large ring if you still need one 😀

  4. Aileen, I began all of these books less than 3 weeks ago. When I was half way through the first I decided to look around about it and so I, like you, had heard the last one was a disappointment. It wasn’t. It was lovely=0) If I hadn’t been warned of that though I may have wanted more but since I went into it knowing, I wasn’t disappointed at all. You will love it, it is still a page turner, well except one section, I’m not a big Jacob fan. Let me know how you like!!! I started Twilight again today, I am hooked girl! Seriously.

  5. This is a great suggestion!! I have so many ribbon spools that if I did this, I would have a wall covered in ribbon rings! I keep mine in 2 plastic storage boxes and will be needing a third if I buy any more:O)

  6. Spike! What a great idea. Something else that Might work for punching is the Window word punch from Stampin’ Up!

    I keep all my ribbon in a Plastic Drawer. Which is filled with ton’s of Loose and rolled ribbon. In sections by Color.

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