Wow! What a day!

I was away yesterday for the day. Jeff was called to set again for Farewell Atlantis a big budget movie being filmed at the North Shore Film Studios in North Vancouver which is about an hour drive (with no traffic) west of Chilliwack. I thought to go in with him and spend the day in the stomping ground where I had spent my youth, while catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while!

So the first stop was to get to OPUS Framing and Art supplies to pick up my Copic blending marker that Peg told me that I HAD to get!! LOL So I did, along with some blending stumps to work with OMS which I heard the Baby Oil works almost as good! And um, a few other Copic markers too! ACK! I’ve started…I can’t go back now!!
These are the Copics that followed me home:


Well then when I had met up with my great friend Kelly-Erin, I mentioned that we should check out this Scrap Arts place that I found online. She hadn’t heard of it so off we went! ONLY to find out that um…*cough, cough* Scrap Arts was only around the block from OPUS! Have I told you that I can have a one track mind, sometimes?? LOL

As per usual, walking into a new scrap store for me is like a kid in a new candy store. It may have some of the same things but soooo different! It’s a great store! Well set up and very welcoming! I highly recommend that you visit their blog to check out what they’re all about! They’ve even had Breakfast TV visit on a few occasions!

I picked up a few things (it’s tough to ignore those red SALE signs, I tell ya!). I mean, sheesh 15% off Cuttlebug embossing folders at $5.99 is tough to pass up! PROBLEM tho…I don’t even own a Cuttlebug! LOL!


Of course some Basic Grey Christmas patterned paper and um…ho!

Here’s the BT paper I adopted and gave them a new home:

Sei – Holly Lane – Ornament and Tinsel

Basic Grey – Figgy Pudding – Toasty

Basic Grey – Figgy Pudding – Glee and Trinket

One project really caught my eye when I walked in the door, they were having a class on the 23rd of August (I was already committed that day) or Friday in a couple of hours. There happened to be 2 seats left for it too! Gotta love spontaneity! Yup we signed up for this “Girlfriends, Flip and Fold Book” and we returned in 2 hours…

Sorry to keep you in suspense! I did the basic work there but I just quickly need to finish it off. It’s almost 2am, I’ll hit the sack (after I check out the new CTMH catty online!!) and post the project and more of my misadventures later today! Sleep tight!




3 thoughts on “Wow! What a day!

  1. Now how are you going to use your embossing folders without a cuttlebug?!?! I just received one (as a wedding gift) and I haven’t taken it out of the box yet. I think I’ll do that today! The precious friend who gave it to me included the exact folder you have pictured here!

    Also, SBS22 friend, can you tell me what is so great about these copics? I just bought two because I read about them all the time, but I haven’t tried them yet. Will I be able to answer my own question once I use them? Maybe I’ll have time to try them out today, too.

  2. I have the same problem when my daughter & I go to Joanne Fabrics, AC Moore and Michaels here in western NY! I really need a MUCH larger room to stamp and sew in.

  3. Hi Deborah, thanks for popping by! I’ve heard that you can run the Cuttlebug folders through a pasta machine! I have to tweak the tension tho! You lucky gal to get one as a wedding gift!!
    As for the Copics, I’m pretty much in the same boat. I’ve heard wonderful things about these markers but until last night, I had no idea what I was in for. It does take some work to get used to them and to be able to use them to their potential. The colours blend together nicely. I suggest checking YouTube for a few tutorials. Let me know what you think of them. 😀

    Hi Kathy, thanks for dropping in! I need a whole new storage system for all my addictive hobbies! LOL

    Cheers ladies!

    ~Spike 😀

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