Core’dinations Cardstock

While I was in Salmon Arm I ran a piece of one of these Core’dinations cardstock pages through the CB circles folder and sanded it. It’s part of a card that’s yet to be finished but the picture looked pretty cool and I couldn’t wait to post it! The colour is from the Black Magic, Hocus Pocus collection…as the pages aren’t marked I had to colour match it from their website…it looks like Presto. Can you imagine the possibilities with this paper???!


Does this look like fun? Wahoo!

Tackling one card at a time!




2 thoughts on “Core’dinations Cardstock

  1. I love the look. I got a package of this paper too, just haven’t opend it yet. So of course I’m going to have to do it now 🙂

  2. I ripped open the package and couldn’t wait to do something with it! Only you get one colour of each! It was a little rough a first but once I ran it through it the CB there was no turning back! 🙂

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