Just a note…


…we’re all thinking about you both.

Hi there, remember me? I had been busy with work so much so where I would be so exhausted that I was tired to have any creative energy left to create much less blog about it. But once you walk away, it can be tough to come back, then procrastination sets in. I’ve wanted to really build and create (I don’t count quick cards) but haven’t had the impetus until now.

The thing is…the card above was one of the hardest things I’ve had to create. I didn’t take a bunch of staged pictures either. Only the one above. I’m sure you’re wondering…really, Spike? The card isn’t elaborate with a ton of pearls, bling and lots of layers. Nor is it spray painted with multitudes of colour with layers of stencils. It’s somewhat simple in design.

When I’ve made cards they’ve been for challenges, tutorials, classes, showcasing products and somewhat generic Christmas cards. It’s rare that I’ll make a card for someone, I’ll usually pull one from my stash. And if I try to make one, I get something similar to writers block. Perhaps making them last minute doesn’t help either.

This card is for someone I’ve known for over 20 yrs, who has been diagnosed pancreatic cancer. With every faux stitch, brushstroke, distress blender swirl I was thinking of her along with moments. It was a somewhat meditative process. Creative mojo kicked in where certain elements just came together which is always nice too. (Mind you it happened at 1:45am which can be challenging when one realizes sleep is a good thing when having to work the next day.)
Does this happen to you when you create something for someone?

It reminds me to be very thankful and to cherish every day.

As always, thanks so much for reading. Hopefully it won’t be as long until I post again.

Much love,


Discoveries ~ Catching up Wednesday

Whelp! I was sitting around my room (a few weeks back) when I looked over at a package of kraft glassine. I hadn’t played with it in a while and just thought it would be fun to scrunch it up and stick it on a tag. I didn’t do anything else with it, although I could have done a multitude of things (alcohol ink, paint, etc.) but I liked it just the way it was.

Spike-Project2 Sept

Everything else I added was just looking around seeing what I felt like “playing” with, yep it was one of those days. I just love the bell jar stamp from Dyan’s Monster Mash stamp set and wanted to crack open some acetate.
I think I had the little fish already coloured, just kicking around in my extras box.

Spike-Project2b Sept

This tag totally appeals to my science geekiness and fits in with the Halloween “season”. I put together this tag for the wonderful folks over at the Inspiration Emporium.

It’s a different kinda feel…but cool!



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